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Romney Won’t Run for Prez

Mitt Romney announced today that he will not run to President of the United States in 2016.I regard this announcement as something of a gift to the Republican party. Governor Romney's run in 2012 highlighted his weaknesses as a presidential candidate. He evidently draws enthusiastic support from the business side of the Republican party, but does not generate corresponding enthusiasm from the party's rank and file. A different candidate, who could have united the party and who was more … [Read More...]

Representative Sally Kern. Photo Source: Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Update: Representative Sally Kern Withdraws Bill from Consideration

Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern has withdrawn HB 1597 from consideration. According to news reports, Representative Kern indicated that the measure did not accomplish her desired purpose. To read a summary of HB 1597, go here. … [Read More...]

All I Need is You

 JimmyZ brings the truth: Following Jesus means putting aside everything else and making Him Lord of your life for real. … [Read More...]

Los Alamos Scientist Offers to Build Nuke Targeting New York

All he wanted was “money and power.”In exchange, he agreed to build 40 nuclear weapons for Venezuela, including a bomb that would target New York.Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni didn’t know it, but he was talking to an FBI agent with a tape recorder when he made this deal. The agent posed as a Venezuelan official.“I’m gong … [Read More...]

Oklahoma Legislators Take Aim at Gay Marriage

 Oklahoma legislators have introduced 4 bills concerning gay marriage and civil rights for homosexuals and transsexuals.Representative Sally Kern has introduced 3 bills:HB 1599, which is designated the Preservation of Sovereignty  and Marriage Act, is a broad piece of legislation that seeks to dictate future … [Read More...]

When Did the Democrats Stop Being the Party of Working People?

Does anybody remember President Obama's State of the Union address?I promised I would talk about the politics of the thing, and I've been remiss in that promise. In truth, there was a lot of politics in it, too much to handle in a single post. I will limit my discussion today to one area that galls me more than most: The … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood High School Sex Ed Teachers Revealed to be Sex Toy ‘Instructor’ and ‘Pleasure Activist.’

Is it sex education, or sex indoctrination?Parents whose children attend Acalanes Union High School in Layfatette California are outraged to discover that it's the latter. The school's sex education program is operated -- as many of sex ed programs around the country are -- by Planned Parenthood.That's right. The … [Read More...]

Criminal Charges Against Governor Rick Perry Move Forward

Presidential candidate Rick Perry’s motion to dismiss charges against him was tossed out by a Texas judge. The charges stem from Governor Perry's veto of state financing of a Texas District Attorney’s office. Governor Perry said at the time that he was signing the veto because District Atorney Rosemary Lemberg refused to resign f … [Read More...]

Will Obama’s Proposed Medicare Changes Lead to Health Care Rationing?

President Obama has an ambitious new plan to overhaul Medicare. Specifically, he wants to start paying doctors based on the health of their patients, rather than the number of patients they see and the treatments they give.One rather obvious problem with this plan is that it would pay doctors to avoid treating really sick … [Read More...]

Bromance Aside, Obama Speaks for Religious Freedom, Women, in India

President Obama made some tough comments in a speech he gave during his visit to India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had previous pulled out all the stops by greeting President Obama with a hug when he first arrived, and then issuing gushy statements about the "chemistry" between himself and our president.President O … [Read More...]

Is Your Congressperson Lying to You about the 20 Week Abortion Ban?

If your Congressperson trying to lie their way out of the decision to pull the vote on the bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks?Maybe.Public Catholic readers have contacted the offices of their various Congresspeople, and it sounds like they are getting a pack of lies and obfuscations in reply to their questions. These … [Read More...]

Why Nothing Gets Done in Washington

Why does nothing get done in Washington?Because they're all running for the next election.This was a while back.And this was a couple of days ago.Candidates and political parties alike never stop campaigning long enough to govern.  … [Read More...]

Bromance Between President Obama and Indian Prime Minister: Why?

It appears that there’s a budding bromance between India’s Prime Minister and President Barack Obama.Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted our president at the airport with a big bear hug and then went on to describe the “chemistry” and “strong friendship” between himself and President Obama.Prime Minister Modi is lead … [Read More...]

Cowardly Congress Scraps Abortion Bill

The United States House of Representatives' leadership has made the decision to scrap a bill that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. They went for a bill banning the use of government monies to pay for abortions, instead.The reason? Evidently, a number of GOP congresswomen objected to the bill based on … [Read More...]

ISIS and the Braggadocio of Serial Killers

ISIS is organized murder’s answer to every lone serial killer who yearns for recognition.Just like Ted Bundy who famously claimed that when he killed someone he “felt like God,” and John Wayne Gacy who denied wrongdoing by saying “I didn’t kill anybody, I just took out the trash,” ISIS is proud of what they do and will tell a … [Read More...]

Did the Supreme Court K-O the Seal of the Confessional?

Evidently, the Louisiana State Supreme Court woke up one morning and decided to K-O the legal protection for the seal of the confessional.This legal privilege, which has long protected priests from prosecution for not revealing the things said to them in confession, has been under attack from zealous prosecutors. A few years … [Read More...]

Rebecca Hamilton … A Tale of Two Citizens

Today is the 6th Annual Tulsa March for Life, sponsored by 35 groups including Lutherans for Life, The Uprising, Anglicans for Life, Victory Christian, Tulsa Bible Church, Claremore  Nazarene, Holy Apostles Orthodox, Tulsa University Newman Center, Saint Gregory's University, the Diocese of Tulsa, St Michael Episcopal, Oral … [Read More...]

January 22 and Bunnygate

I've ignored the flap over Pope Francis' latest airplane interview, mainly because it has no merit.What I mean is that the carrying-on about the Holy Father's use of certain phrases has no merit. It seems that Pope Francis affirmed the Catholic Church's teaching on artificial birth control. In the process, he said that this … [Read More...]