Judas, called Iscariot

Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, who was one of the twelve. According to the folks at the History Channel, NatGeo and other purveyors of revisionist Christianity, Judas Iscariot was a well-meaning, misunderstood victim of his own good intentions. Every year at this time, we are treated to shows that expose us to experts we’ve never heard of before expounding on how Judas didn’t really mean it. He was, they tell us with remarkable certainty, just trying to provoke Jesus into … [Read More...]


Pope Francis: Jesus’ Suffering was not a Mistake

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I’m Not Feeling Politics Right Now. It’s Holy Week and I Want Jesus.

I'm not feeling politics right now. We've got wars and rumors of wars over a large swath of the world. Pro life people are battling killer legislation in Colorado and corporate raiders are raiding the public treasury everywhere and in every way they can. There are runaway bishops to write about, as well as a stand up bishops who … [Read More...]

Nigeria: Islamic Extremists Kidnap 100 Girls from School

Boko Haram has kidnapped over 100 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Nigeria. Boko Haram gunmen stormed the town after dark, set fire to several buildings and engaged government troops who were guarding the school in gunfire. They evidently overpowered the troops, then loaded the girls on a truck and drove … [Read More...]

Martyred Priest: I Can’t Leave My People

Fr Frans van der Lugt. Photo Source: Wael Salibi The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. Jesus Christ Father Frans van der Lugt, SJ refused to abandon his parish and people in the face of danger. He was the only priest who stayed when the area in Syria where he lived was overrun during the Syrian civil war. “I … [Read More...]

The Vatican Will Live Stream Canonization of Popes John XXIII and Pope John Paul II

Pope Francis will canonize Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II in St Peter’s Square on April 27. When this was first announced, I wanted to be there. But, of course, I don’t have the money,  have to work and well, so much for that idea. Then, I considered the crush of crowds and decided that even if I had the money and … [Read More...]

Holy Week: Pope Francis’ Reflections for Way of the Cross

Pope Francis' reflections for the Way of the Cross aren't going to please people who want to claim that there is no moral component to economic issues. Perhaps that's why they are so important, especially to Americans. We need a Pope who reminds us that our Christian walk requires us to follow Christ and not our politics. … [Read More...]

Blood Moon Tonight

Photo Source: NASA If you live west of the Mississippi, and have clear skies, you will have the opportunity to see a rare treat. Tonight we will have a total eclipse of the moon, sometimes called a “blood moon.” The term blood moon comes from a historical reference to a total eclipse during the time of Alexander the Great. … [Read More...]

Bishops Invite Bishops to Join March for Marriage 2014

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco announced plans to attend the second annual March for Marriage in Washington, DC. The two bishops extended an invitation to their brother bishops to join them. For more information about the march, go to The March for Marriage 2014 … [Read More...]

The Palm Sunday Paradigm

… many believed in Him when they saw the signs which He did, but Jesus did not trust Himself to them, because He knew men.  Palm Sunday is a bittersweet story because we know how it ends. The same Jesus Who is greeted with hosannas at the start of the week, is betrayed with cries of “Crucify Him!” at the end of that … [Read More...]

Trust in Jesus

I believe the Holy Spirit led me to this video this morning. I was in a spiritual pit that I can't describe without getting far too personal for this blog. Then, I stumbled on this song. It didn't erase what I was feeling in one big swoosh, but it did bring me back to what I know, which is that I am never alone. As St Paul … [Read More...]

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bus

The chickens are coming flapping home. And it turns out that these chickens walk on two legs and have roosting habits that are nothing more than mob action. Catholic education's easy bargain of don't ask, don't tell concerning dissent against Church teachings and morality has coalesced into "outrage" from parents … [Read More...]

Conversion Story: Inside I was Dead

  Jesus Saves. It's as simple as that. … [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Words Can Kill

If you look at the faces of the people who are listening to the homily in the video below, you can see that Pope Francis' words are convicting many of them of their own sins. Gossip that demeans someone and makes them an outsider in their community is, as the Holy Father says, a form of social murder. When it occurs in a … [Read More...]

It’s Getting Awful Crowded Under that Bus. Another Catholic School Apologizes for a Speaker Teaching Catholic Morality

It’s getting awful crowded under that bus. Another Catholic high school has apologized to “outraged” parents for a speaker who spoke on Catholic morality. The lucky winner this time is Prout School in Rhode Island. It’s the same old, same old song once again. According to an article in Catholic Culture Father … [Read More...]

ABC News Apologizes after ‘Inadvertently’ Conflating Ex-Mozilla CEO with Westboro Baptist Church

Do you believe this was “inadvertent?" ABC News evidently ran a video of Westboro Baptist Church -- complete with inflammatory signs about homosexuals -- as they were reporting the story of Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla. Mr Eich resigned from his position with Mozilla, a company he founded, after being attacked for … [Read More...]

Chinese Christians Form Human Shield to Protect Church from Government Destruction

Officials in China's Communist government are denying that they are engaging in a campaign of systematic destruction of Christian churches. They make this claim despite the fact that they have ordered the destruction of approximately a dozen churches. Churches in the Zhejiang province are reportedly facing either destruction … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Asks for Forgiveness for Priest Sexual Abuse of Children

Pope Francis asked for forgiveness this morning for the sexual abuse of children by some of our priests. In a touching comment, the Holy Father said that he felt "called to personally take on the evil which some priests ... have done." Although this is not as widely reported, Pope Francis also said that every child has a … [Read More...]