The Family Drug Addict and Thanksgiving

I don’t know what it is about the holidays. All I know is that the family alcoholics/drug addicts cannot stand the happiness that might happen at this time of the year.So, they rouse themselves from their self-absorption and go to work, manufacturing crises and doing everything in their power to pull the rest of the family into the traumas of their own devising. They won’t stop until you stop them, or until they’ve made such a mess of the holiday that everyone — Every. Single. Person. — from … [Read More...]


Book Review: Accepting the Lordship of Christ, Gay Style

To join the discussion about Gay and Catholic, or to order a copy, go here. I know a lot of people who are gay and Catholic, on both sides of the altar. Contrary to the media yammerings, being Gay and Catholic is something of a commonplace.I’ve never personally known someone who was Catholic and gay who hated the Church the way that we hear they should. What I have seen is a number of people who are doing just like so many Catholics. They are obedient to the Church’s teachings to varying … [Read More...]

Looking at 18 Years in the Rear View Mirror

 Gwin Faulconer Lippert, a reporter at KTOK Radio, a local station here in Oklahoma City, did this interview with me last night. It's a retrospective on my career in the legislature, which ends officially tomorrow.I plan on taking my family out for Pizza at the Hideaway restaurant here in OKC. Just us. It's about … [Read More...]

Human Rights/Social Justice Advocate Leaving Legislature After 18 Years

November 12, 2014    Human Rights / Social Justice Advocate Leaving Legislature After 18 Years  OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Rebecca Hamilton retires from the Legislature next week after 18 years of service during which she exhibited a bulldog’s tenacity on social issues such as abortion, domestic vio … [Read More...]

The Hard Teachings: Are You Going to Leave Me Too?

  If you do not eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you will no have life within you. Jesus Christ The Eucharist was a scandal. Many of Jesus’ followers left Him when He explicitly told them I am the bread of life.  It is popular today to cast Jesus as a Casper Milquetoast god thingy of our devising. According to popular ca … [Read More...]

Know, Trust and Don’t be Afraid

From what I gather, I'm doing this retreat so wrong that it hardly qualifies as a retreat. I think I'm supposed to go sit in a room and keep silence, waiting for God to speak to me. But, to be honest, if I went off in a room and kept silence for days at a time, I would probably sleep for a couple of days and then start trying to … [Read More...]

Blog Different

Dear friends.Don’t take that as an indifferent salutation. Take it as a heartfelt greeting. Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters in Christ.I need a break from writing about ISIS/Ebola/Politics. I need to spend time with Jesus.I’m going to review the book I’ve been using for my do-it-yourself retreat in a couple of … [Read More...]

The Difference is Jesus: Kachhawa Christian Hospital

Christians are builders, educators, healers, givers. Unlike the philosophies of fatalism and death which are so popular today, Christianity brings love, life and hope.The difference is Jesus. … [Read More...]

In Christ Alone: Whom Should I Fear?

If you are engaging the world for Christ on any level, you will face opposition and personal vendettas.Put your trust in Jesus and don't worry about it. It's just old scratch, working through his unaware disciples. Pray for those who try to stop you from witnessing for Jesus and keep your eyes on Christ alone.  … [Read More...]

The Difference is Jesus: Christian Medical Missions in India

Christians, unlike their critics, build hospitals and schools, go on missions to help those in need where help is needed. Christians donate massive amounts of money to aid those in need. They run toward disasters, rather than away from them, to give aid and comfort.When Moore Oklahoma was devastated by a tornado a couple of … [Read More...]

Mongolia: From 4 Christians to 100,000 in 20 Years

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Conversion Story: Preeti Krishnan Encounter to Jesus

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Voice of the Child of Divorce

Powerful and true. … [Read More...]

Raising Kids with a Super Spiritual Foundation

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The Word Exposed: The Christian Family

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When I was at the Catholic Writer's Conference last summer, I picked up a book entitled Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Michael E. Gailey, MIC. It bills itself as a do-it-yourself retreat in the Ignitian tradition. I'm going to take the rest of the week off and give it a try. I seriously considered taking off the whole month of N … [Read More...]

Book Review: Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore

To join the discussion about Rise of ISIS, a Threat We Cannot Ignore, or to order a copy, go here. Jay Sekulow has written a small, much-needed counter-point to the suicidal political correctness that infects almost all public discussion about the threat of ISIS and militant Islam. This political correctness has become a … [Read More...]

Conversion Story: From Gangs to Soldier for Christ

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