The Pope has Spoken and I Accept It.

 I’ve been standing on the sidelines, watching the hate-Pope-Francis movement tear into the fabric of the Church with destructive glee for a long time now.I have absorbed the meaning of the venomous comments, malicious misinterpretations of what he says and deliberate destructiveness without remarking on it. I’ve been silent, hoping it would run its course and wear itself out, that the obsessed people who are focusing their internal rage on Pope Francis would find another tar … [Read More...]

Come Out of the Cold This Advent

I need Advent this year. I think we all do.I wrote this post, concerning Advent and renewal because I need Jesus. I need His love, forgiveness and strength. I was blessed to have someone I could go to and talk about these things; a generous, loving spiritual mother who did not turn me away.From the National Catholic Register:Come Out of the Cold This Advent Praying for someone does not mean you agree with the bad things they do. Rebecca HamiltonI needed spiritual guidance and I … [Read More...]

I Want You to Stop and Think for a Moment About How Much God Loves You

Note: I'm re-publishing this because it didn't come through in its entirely the first time I put it up. I hope it makes more sense this time around.I wrote this a few months ago for the National Catholic Register. I think it's worth publishing again at this time when we have been so deeply damaged and degraded as a nation … [Read More...]

You Can Go to Hell

I wrote this post for the National Catholic Register. As soon as it went up, there was a comment saying that there were actually two Judgements, not one, and another attacking someone besides themselves -- in this case, the Jesuits -- for not following Church teaching.One of the commenters remarked that there was "nothing … [Read More...]

What is Advent?

 It's Advent! Time to prepare for the coming of the Lord. … [Read More...]

Sex Education, Catholic Style

The Vatican is launching a sex education program based on family and led by parents. This is very different from the secular notion of sex education which involves classes taught by Planned Parenthood, which is the nation's number one abortion provider, in schools.This program, which is developing organically with input from … [Read More...]

Is President Elect Trump Gaming Us?

Are President Elect Trump and his erstwhile campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, gaming all of us?I kinda think they are.Here’s the dealio.President Elect Trump is doing his run-up to the oath-taking in much the same way that he did his cruel little game show, The Apprentice. You know, he called in a bunch of people a … [Read More...]

Counting My Many Blessings in the Year of Cancer.

 Today is Thanksgiving Eve. It’s time to count our blessings and pause in gratitude.I look back over the past year on this Thanksgiving eve and I am grateful that I was born an American. I am grateful that God placed me in the adoring hands of two parents who never placed limits on me because I was female, who d … [Read More...]

Light in the Darkness: The Cost of Following Christ

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Christ, Our King

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Should President Elect Trump Repudiate His KKK Endorsement?

 Note: It appears that the Trump Campaign has repudiated the KKK endorsement. Go here. To what extent are political candidates responsible for the actions and beliefs of organizations that endorse them?That question is pertinent to today’s political discussions because that old bugaboo of America’s nig … [Read More...]

Trump Lost the Election and Won the Presidency. What Does That Mean?

I said a few days ago that President Elect Trump won the electoral college but lost the popular vote in what was essentially a tied election. Now, I’m going to take that back.This election was not tied. It was close, but decisive. Secretary Clinton’s margin in the popular vote has risen to over a million votes and, as the pap … [Read More...]

Bishop Anthony Taylor Says It All

Bishop Anthony Taylor, the Bishop of Arkansas, wrote a letter to his flock that I think we all should read.I knew Bishop Taylor back when he was Father Taylor here in Oklahoma City. He stood in press conferences beside me when I demanded that the House leadership allow a vote on pro life legislation. He was a powerful … [Read More...]

How Will I Write About President Elect Trump?

How am I going to write about President Elect Trump? What standard will I use to determine how I react to the way he conducts his office, moving forward?I am going to answer that question as clearly as I can because there is so much operatic emotion surrounding this election that I think it’s necessary. I have veered off i … [Read More...]

You Don’t Burn Crosses on People’s Lawns for Sixteen Months then Expect Them to Forget It

I kind of had a meltdown before I wrote this. I've been listening to hispanic people I know and love express their grief and terror over this election. A couple of them told me they cried all night election night and that, even though they love our country, they no longer feel as if they know the people they've known for years. … [Read More...]

It’s President Trump. What Does That Mean?

What a night. I sat up late, watching the election returns, along with a lot of other people all around the globe. At the end of the evening, it was clear that America’s president elect is Donald J Trump.Mr Trump was the clear winner in the electoral college, but if this morning’s vote trend continues, Secretary Clinton may … [Read More...]

Today We Pick Our Prez. Tomorrow We Move Forward.

Today, We the People engage in the sacred rite of electing those from among us who will temporarily take the reins of government on our behalf.Their charge, should they win, is to defend the Constitution in whatever office they will occupy. The question of whether or not government of the people, by the people, and for the … [Read More...]

The G.O.S.P.E.L. Never Gets Old

I've posted this before, but I think we could all use it once again.The truth doesn't get old and our need for Christ and His Mercy never end. We need that message now and always. Christian life is a life of hope built on the certainty of purpose and meaning that is the Way that leads to eternal life. We have found the … [Read More...]