When Oklahoma makes the national news it’s always something bad. We only get noticed for disasters of homeric proportions or when something outstandingly stupid and embarrassing happens. Oklahoma took another bow in the national news last night, and this time, the disaster rule and the outstandingly stupid and embarrassing rule were both at work. The topic wasn’t terrorist bombings, tornadoes or fools on parade. It was the effects of the destruction of our state government by a bunch of puppet… Read more

It appears that Russia did in fact successfully penetrate United States voter systems before the 2016 presidential election. Among other things, this raises the urgent question of what we are going to do to keep this from happening again. One of my more misunderstood suggestions of late is that we simply go back to paper ballots. This would have the immediate effect of taking the election process off the grid. Despite the fact that so many readers had a tough… Read more

  Sorry folks, I can’t resist this. If you’ve been following the stock market, you know that it’s dropped roughly 10% in the past few days. After claiming, from before he even took office, that the healthy (for some people) economy was due entirely to President Trump, the Trump bot media is now faced with explaining a drop. Notice, that NOTHING the market does, in their weird world of confabulation, is due to market forces. It’s always something that they… Read more

The White House has ordered the release of a memo which, according to news reports, President Trump feels will derail the on-going investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. I’ve read the memo, which came to us via the Trump bot Congressman, Representative Nunez. It basically says that the man who compiled the so-called “Trump dossier” which contained salacious sexual stories about Donald Trump and his predilection for perverse sexual acts, was compiled at the behest of the… Read more

Get your camera ready. It only happens every 150 years or so. We’re going to have a super, bloody, blue, totally-eclipsing moon. What is a super, bloody, blue, eclipsing moon? Why, it’s a super moon, that’s also a blue moon, that’s also a blood moon, that will undergo a total eclipse. Super moons happen when the moon’s orbit around the earth is at perigee, when it’s closest to earth. That makes it look bigger; up to 14% bigger and 30%… Read more

I wrote a post for the National Catholic Register discussing my latest medical problems. Here it is. My heart attack did everything it could to warn me, short of standing up, waving its arms and giving a stadium whistle. Looking back, with that oh-so-clear 20/20 hindsight, I can see that I had been having symptoms for a long time. Then about six months ago, things really kicked into high gear. I had no idea that this was my heart, trying… Read more

The stock market has been going up like an express elevator, fueled by a mega transfer of wealth in the form of the recent tax cut. I watched one of the financial channels the day after the bill passed, and what I saw left me flummoxed. The talking heads were behaving like a bunch of drunks at a party. They were all over the tax cut, prognosticating about a market that was going to be hypered by the increase in… Read more

President Donald Trump made pro life history this week. He gave a speech addressing the annual March for Life from the Rose Garden, which was televised to the speech goers. This is the first time a President of the United States has addressed the March for Life. He also created a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the federal Health and Human Services Department. This division is tasked with dealing with complaints from health care workers who do not want to… Read more

Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock Arkanas recently announced that he would not attend the annual March for Life in his Diocese. In his own words, “The reason is that Arkansas Right to Life has chosen as the keynote speaker for the rally a person who has good anti-abortion credentials but otherwise is decidedly not an appropriate pro-life speaker, namely Attorney General Leslie Rutledge who this last year worked tirelessly to secure the execution of four criminals who posed no… Read more

Martin Luther King, Jr, was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. Every man, woman and child in this nation owes him a great debt of gratitude. He worked to end segregation, lynching and other crimes against humanity that were committed against black people. That took courage. He did this through a Christian, distinctly American paradigm. That took greatness. I’ve read that he modeled his non-violent approach on the revolutionary work of Mahatma Gandhi, who famously said, I admire… Read more

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