Catholic Writer’s Conference

You won’t be seeing me around these parts this week.I’ll be at the Catholic Writer’s Conference at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel in Schaumburg, IL.The Catholic Writer’s Conference is sponsored by The Catholic Writer’s Guild.If you’re a Catholic writer, consider joining this fine group. If you’ll be in the Chicago area this week, stop by and say hello.Your favorite Catholic Patheosi just might be there.Lisa Hendey, will be the keynote speaker. Kathy Sch … [Read More...]


Let’s Show Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

This is my new photo for Facebook.Patheos’ geek squad is still uber busy mopping up the big changes they made earlier this week. But I plan to change my photo as soon as they can do it for me.ISIS is leaving this symbol on the bodies of the Iraqi Christians they murder. It is the the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and is pronounced “noon.” The symbol stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, which is supposed to be a pejorative Arabic word for Christians.But I can tell you that when I die, … [Read More...]

Iraq: We Made This Mess. What Are We Going to Do about It?

Our war in Iraq was a totally unnecessary war fought on false premises that has led directly to the present-day genocide of Iraqi Christians.We invaded Iraq on the premise that the leader of the country was a murderous crazy man who had “weapons of mass destruction” (read that nukes) at his disposal and we had to stop him bef … [Read More...]

HHS Mandate: NOW Obama Says He Wants to Compromise

Talk about giving the last drop of political blood.President Obama defended the HHS Mandate until it got swacked at the Supreme Court, then he and his supporters in the United States Senate tried to kill the court decision with statutes. Now, after all that, the White House announces that it will come up with an “opt-out a … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood, Teaching Sexual Fetishism and Other Perversions to Kids

Watch the videos below and consider this: Our government puts $542 million into Planned Parenthood each year. And that's just federal dollars. Many states add their own $$$ to the pile.Also the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has large amounts of monies for block grants for education. Planned … [Read More...]

Geek Surgery Ahead!

 Patheos is doing geek surgery on itself today, and I've been advised to stay away.I'm going to kick back and enjoy.See you tomorrow!  … [Read More...]

Pray for Our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq

Pray for our Iraqi brothers and sisters in Christ. … [Read More...]

Porn and Our Regularly-Scheduled Bi-Election Immigration Crisis

There are two kinds of people who obsessively watch porn.  Those who enjoy it.  and ... Those who believe it.  Either way, porn is addicting and degrading. Porn is based on degrading a group of people for the titillation of those who get off on the degradation.  Both those who watch porn because they enjoy it, and those who … [Read More...]

Lincoln’s Great Short Speech

The Civil War split the Southern side of my family.My great-great grandfather was from the South, but fought on the side of the North. This sheared him from his family, his people, his past.It, in a round-about way, is why I am an Okie today.My family has others who fought in that war, Southerners who fought for the … [Read More...]

Nurse Who Won’t Prescribe the Pill Sues Clinic for Not Hiring Her.

This  is the story that irony built.It seems that Sara Hellwege is a nurse-midwife in Tampa, FL. She applied for a job at Tampa Family Health Centers. In an email exchange Tampa Family Health Center’s HR director, Chad Lindsey, quizzed her about her affiliation with the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gy … [Read More...]

Will Obama’s One Man ENDA End Up in Court?

One of my Facebook friends called him “the great divider.”  Even though I am both aware and horrified by the endless hatred directed at whoever sits behind the desk in the Oval Office, I think that’s a fair thing to say about President Obama. His penchant for one man sledgehammer legislating against the First Amendment is a parti … [Read More...]

Book Review: Saints and Social Justice, a Guide to Changing the World.

To join the discussion about Saints and Social Justice, A Guide to Changing the World, or to order a copy, go here. Saints and Social Justice is an inspiring book.Brandon Vogt, who is donating -- tithing sounds more like it -- 100% of his royalties from this book to Catholic Charities, has put the faces and stories of … [Read More...]

President Obama Signs ENDA Executive Order

President Obama issued his much-ballyhooed executive order on employment discrimination concerning sexual orientation (ENDA) today.I need to think this through before I write about it. In them meantime, here are my first thoughts:1. The order is a not a statute. That means it is limited in scope to federal … [Read More...]

The Catholic Bishops Aren’t ‘In Bed’ with President Obama. They’re In Court with Him.

  I hate it when I have to spend my good time sweeping up the refuse from idiotic, politically-motivated attacks on our Catholic religious leaders. Today, I’m going to address attacks from the right side of unreason, and to be honest, I’d rather not. Have to, that is. I’d much rather I didn’t have to keep doing this. I’m not so p … [Read More...]

Obama to Issue Special Protection Order to Gays, Transexuals; No Religious Exemption Allowed

I stole this headline from the place where I first found the story: New Advent. I couldn’t think of a better way to say it.According to a Washington Post article, President Obama plans to legislate with his pen by passing his own version of ENDA with an executive order. According to the Washington Post, “the White House” said … [Read More...]

Get Real Fellas.

Senators Joe Manchin and Bob Casey are generally pro life.  I accept that. But when they voted against the Hobby Lobby decision, they dribbled enough sewage on their pro life stands — not to mention the good names of every completely pro life Democrat in this country — to raise a stink that blots that out.   They voted with their … [Read More...]

S 2578 Vote: We had a Roll Call. They had Heroes.

S 2578 is the bill that would overturn the Hobby Lobby decision by basically repealing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Yesterday I called people I know who have been working to kill S 2578. I wanted the names of the senators who had fought against the bill inside the Senate; the behind-closed-doors champions who had … [Read More...]

Tenth Circuit Rules Okies Can Get Gay Married

The tenth circuit has upheld a lower court ruling striking down Oklahoma’s Constitutional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.I am guessing that Oklahoma will take this to the should be interesting to see if the Supreme Court agrees to hear this and, if they do, how they rule.If they i … [Read More...]