Pregnant and Diagnosed with Cancer

These videos tell the story of one young family's fight with cancer. Mom of the family had cancer, and she was pregnant when she was diagnosed, but the entire family fought the disease, which is how it has to be. Nobody fights cancer alone. God bless husbands and wives who go through this journey with their spouses. They are doing eternity work. … [Read More...]

My First Wobbly Post Cancer Post, and It’s About Little g gods.

This post for Catholic Vote was the first post I wrote after being away so long. I felt like someone trying to ride a bicycle for the first time in years; all wobbles and uncertainty. So, I went with something I believe to my core and have written about many times before: Many Christians on both sides of the political spectrum have made a false god of their political parties. They trim their faith to fit their politics.I knew when I wrote it that people who are deep into this form of … [Read More...]

There are Two Ways to Survive Cancer

I'm back. Sort of.As I explain in this post I wrote for the National Catholic Register, I feel like a shipwreck victim who has washed up on a strange shore. I've been so completely immersed in that nether world of cancer treatment and fighting for my life that this normal world seems odd to me.The values of this world … [Read More...]

Cancer and Dementia are Risky Ailments in a Time of Euthanasia.

I stopped off at Catholic Vote this morning to write a post adding to another post by my friend Kate O'Hare. Kate took on the questions circling cancer and euthanasia.Cancer is one of those dread diseases that euthanasia salesmen use to convince people that the compassionate thing to do for people is to kill them. Then, they … [Read More...]

There’s a Man in My Front Yard with a Gun

I want to thank each of you who has written to me with your kind words and excellent advice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. Please continue praying. I need it.Have a blessed and Holy Christmas this year. Remember always that you are God's precious child.I wrote a post about cancer and Christmas … [Read More...]

Cancer or Not, I Know Whom I have Believed and I Trust Him.

This is another article I wrote for the Register. This one is about my surgery for breast cancer. I am having surgery today, beginning at 8 CST. It will run until about noon. I would appreciate your prayers, my friends. RebeccaBY REBECCA HAMILTON(Credit: Andrey Mironov, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia … [Read More...]

God’s Blessings are Circled with Thorns, Dressed with Tenderness.

I wrote this post about family and thankfulness for the National Catholic Register.Here's part of what I said:God’s blessings are circled with thorns, dressed with responsibility and laden with tenderness.God’s blessings are always blessings of love. St. Paul told us that “faith, hope, love remain, these three; but … [Read More...]

At the Evening of Life, We Shall Be Judged on our Love

My uncle died last Sunday. I'm going to Dallas early next week for my appointment about the mass in my breast.All these things, plus a number I haven't written about, have struck me mostly mute of late. I apologize to all of you for being MIA so much of the time. I have quite a lot to say about the things happening in the … [Read More...]

King of Jordan Warns of Third World War Against Humanity

Jordan's King Abdullah II warned of a "third world war against humanity." He described ISIS as "savage outlaws of religion."From Al Arabiya News:King Abdullah II of Jordan warned Tuesday of a “third world war against humanity”, in the wake of the Paris attacks, describing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) gr … [Read More...]

Jenny McCarthy Says Charlie Sheen Should Have Disclosed His HIV Status Before Love Scenes

Jenny McCarthy gives another viewpoint on the Charlie Sheen/HIV discussion. I didn't know that the actors were obliged to reveal communicable things such as herpes, but I think, considering the intimate contact they engage in, it's a good idea.It sounds as if Sheen failed to disclose. Do you agree with Jennifer that he … [Read More...]

It Began with a Routine Mammogram

Several Public Catholic readers remarked on the fact that I went silent last week. Truth was, I just got overwhelmed and needed a time out. I promised you I'd write an explanation. A post I wrote for the National Catholic Register, covers a lot of what is happening with me.Here's part of what I said:It started as a … [Read More...]

So, Charlie Sheen Announced He’s HIV Positive …

Actor Charlie Sheen has announced that he's HIV positive.To be honest, I was a bit confused by all the hoopla surrounding this. Charlie Sheen, the poster boy for dissolute living, with the big daddy of STDs? No surprise there.Then, I watched a YouTube video of his announcement. The poor man's a mess. He needs our … [Read More...]

ISIS Releases Photo of Bomb It Used to Down Russian Passenger Jet

ISIS has taken credit for the murder of the 224 people who were on board the Russian passenger plane that exploded last month. They have released a photo of the bomb they used to commit this crime.From AP The Big Story: CAIRO (AP) — The Islamic State group has released a photo of the bomb it says was used to bring down a R … [Read More...]

Boko Haram Suicide Bombing Kills 32, Wounds 80

Boko Haram used a suicide bombing to kill 32 people and wound 80 others in northern Nigeria yesterday. The attack occurred at a truck stop.Nigeria's military has reported that it has stopped several suicide bombers recently. It has also killed and captured militants and destroyed Boko Haram camps.If this is true, it is a … [Read More...]

It’s Time to Discuss America’s Immigration Policy.

Not all Muslims are terrorists.In fact, very few Muslims are terrorists.ISIS, despite its successes, is a tiny percentage of the world’s Muslims. Also, much of the Islamic world is itself at war with ISIS, trying to end this evil.At the same time, all of the recent terror attacks, such as 9/11, last weekend’s attacks … [Read More...]

Faithful Catholic Politicians Need Our Prayers and Support

Kimberly Hahn, wife of prolific Catholic apologist Scott Hahn, got herself elected to an at large position on the Steubenville city council this week.We need strong Christians in public office, as well as every other endeavor. I wrote a post about Mrs Hahn's victory and what it means to get elected office for the National … [Read More...]

Misogyny 1, Girl Athletes 0. Where are the Feminists?

Where have all the feminists gone?It appears they've gone to political correctness, save for one.I wrote a post for CatholicVote discussing the recent ruling by the Department of Education that girls who participate in sports in the Palatine, Il school district must pay for this privilege by showering with … [Read More...]

What is All Souls Day?

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