Do You Forget to Pray Until You’re in Trouble? Pray Anyway.

Do you forget to pray until you're in trouble? You're not alone. A lot of people are like that.Pope Francis tells us that God understands and will welcome our tough-times prayers. All we need to do is go to Him in faith. … [Read More...]

As Long as the Democrats are the Party of Abortion, They Deserve to Lose

Now for a little palate cleanser.I wrote this before either of my latest posts about President Elect Trump. But, publishing being what it is, it showed up after they came out.Whatever the order of their publication, I think the summation of all these posts is that I'm thoroughly disenchanted with both political parties.I've talked about converting the Democratic Party before, and what I've said seems to fall on deaf ears. Most pro life people just don't seem to hear me when I say … [Read More...]

Congressman John Lewis, Donald Trump, Martin Luther King Day and the One Question That Matters

It's Martin Luther King Day, and one of the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement has issued a new call to action.Congressman John Lewis remembers the day the police rioted on Selma bridge during the Civil Rights movement. Congressman Lewis was beaten by the police during this melee.Congressman John Lewis testifies … [Read More...]

JFK vs Trump: Who Wins?

This is worth a look. It's President Kennedy's first press conference.We were deep in the cold war when this press conference occurred. Now, we're about to inaugurate a president whose electoral efforts benefitted greatly from Russian hacking.Claims that the Russian hacking and the subsequent release of embarrassing … [Read More...]

Repent, Believe in the Gospel and Walk with Christ in 2017

2016 was an annus horribilis.It was also a turning point, for me personally, for Christianity in America, and for America herself.Here's hoping that 2017 is a better year, a year in which we take advantage of the second chance it offers us to renew our faith and our faithfulness, to go back to Jesus and away from … [Read More...]

Too Many Hobbies. Too Little Space. What to Do?

I sew on the kitchen table.Let me repeat that: I sew on the kitchen table.I kneel down to pull my sewing machine off the bottom shelf in the shelves where I store my pots and pans, and I drag my serger in from the spare bedroom where we keep the exercise equipment, and I pull out the Stanley tool box in which I keep my … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Visits Pope Emeritus Benedict for Christmas

Visiting friends and family on Christmas ... papal style.We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas Eve with our granddaughter and her parents; mass, supper and a first-ever tour of the Christmas lights for baby girl.Merry Christmas to you and yours! Have a blessed, holy and happy day. … [Read More...]

Our Salvation Begins Where the Human Story Always Begins. It Starts with a Baby.

I spent several hours yesterday wrapping presents.And I still have a couple of really tough-to-wrap presents to go.That, and I need to buy one more gift for one of my sons since the mail isn't going to get what I already bought here in time.My husband went to Advent confession this week. I confessed a while … [Read More...]

Yes. The President-Elect was Gaming Us.

I wrote a post a while back in which I asked whether or not President Elect Trump was gaming the American populace with his manner of doing his cabinet appointments.I focused specifically on the little set piece that he and Kellyanne Conway were playing with Governor Mitt Romney over the position of Secretary of State. I … [Read More...]

Music for Our Times Sounds Like This

I will never play this piece of music. It's right up there with jumping the Grand Canyon flat-footed and breaking the sound barrier without an airplane.In fact, I have to listen to hear it intelligently, and every time I hear it, I hear something else.It's Chopin's Ballade No 1 in G Minor. I've taken to listening to it a … [Read More...]

Pope Francis is 80 Today!

Our Papa is 80 years old today.If you would like to wish him a happy birthday, you can do so by making a comment in his Twitter account, @Pontifex, his Instagram account, or use one of the seven email accounts the Vatican created for this purpose.I hope you take the time to wish our Holy Father a happy birthday. I also … [Read More...]

We are Called as Missionaries

We are all called to go out as missionaries and bring the message of God’s love to every person in every area of life.  Pope Francis … [Read More...]

I Am Standing with the Pope. Glad You Noticed.

This isn’t about me, and I’m not trying to make it about me. But I’ve just had one of those experiences when angry people hand me a totally unexpected — and unintended — honor, and I’m too happy about it not to share.I wrote a little post saying, in essence, that no matter what the reaction to Amoris Laetitia, I was standing … [Read More...]

Happy Anniversary to My Hubby and Me

Have you missed me?I've been gone for a few days. For the first time in a long time, I haven't been MIA because I was sick. I've actually been celebrating the fact that I'm NOT sick.My anniversary was this weekend. Last year on this day, I had one of the surgeries that was my lot during that period. It was a rotten … [Read More...]

The Pope has Spoken and I Accept It.

 I’ve been standing on the sidelines, watching the hate-Pope-Francis movement tear into the fabric of the Church with destructive glee for a long time now.I have absorbed the meaning of the venomous comments, malicious misinterpretations of what he says and deliberate destructiveness without remarking on it. I’ve bee … [Read More...]

Come Out of the Cold This Advent

I need Advent this year. I think we all do.I wrote this post, concerning Advent and renewal because I need Jesus. I need His love, forgiveness and strength. I was blessed to have someone I could go to and talk about these things; a generous, loving spiritual mother who did not turn me away.From the National Catholic … [Read More...]

I Want You to Stop and Think for a Moment About How Much God Loves You

Note: I'm re-publishing this because it didn't come through in its entirely the first time I put it up. I hope it makes more sense this time around.I wrote this a few months ago for the National Catholic Register. I think it's worth publishing again at this time when we have been so deeply damaged and degraded as a nation … [Read More...]

You Can Go to Hell

I wrote this post for the National Catholic Register. As soon as it went up, there was a comment saying that there were actually two Judgements, not one, and another attacking someone besides themselves -- in this case, the Jesuits -- for not following Church teaching.One of the commenters remarked that there was "nothing … [Read More...]