A move financed and pushed by a persistent California billionaire has finally made it onto the November ballot.  This is the third attempt by venture capitalist Tim Draper to get his idea of dividing California into several smaller states onto the ballot for a vote of the people. His earlier petition attempts, which would have called for a vote to divide the state into six smaller states, failed to meet signature requirements.  The version which will be voted on in… Read more

The America/Korea Summit came and went in a flash. The result was a letter of agreement (which was obviously mostly drafted in advance) between the two nations. So far as I can see — and this is a very quick take — what we really gained was a better relationship with North Korea. The major benefit to the American people in this agreement is that war is now off the table. The rest of it is a letter of intent… Read more

NOTE: The Korea/America summit is over and so far at least, it looks hopeful.  At the least, the possibility of war is now off the table.  I hesitate to write this because I’m at cross purposes. I’ve been praying Rosaries for President Trump’s meeting with North Korea. I’ve prayed that the meeting will avert war, that the President will avoid the excesses of his personality.  I pray that he won’t be so eager for bragging rights on a “deal” with North Korea… Read more

Fashion designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide this week. Both of them chose the painful and often slow method of hanging themselves to end their lives, and both of them left young daughters behind to deal with what their parents had done.  I cannot fathom how someone with children could kill themselves. I remember when my first baby was born. I prayed prayers of gratitude almost nonstop for the first two days of my precious newborn’s life…. Read more

So while Congress is positioning itself for the next election, what has it done about the problems of this country? Here are 5 urgent problems it has not addressed.  What has Congress done about … 1. School safety. Remember the school shootings? What, besides yip and yap about gun control, which doesn’t address the causes of the problem, and would do nothing to keep kids safe, has Congress done about school safety? We need to keep the kids in our… Read more

First Amendment protections of religious freedom were affirmed in a narrowly drafted decision today.  The decision is a welcome move by the Court. But we should not confuse it with a landmark of any sort.  The Court rejected the state of Colorado’s attempt to force Jack Phillips, owner operator of Masterpiece Bakeshops to bake a wedding cake with a congratulatory message on it for a same-sex wedding. This is good news for those of us who support separation of Church… Read more

We lost the vote on legal abortion in Ireland. In fact, we lost by a landslide. The vote was more than 2 to 1 to legalize abortion.  I don’t know anything about the inner workings of how the vote shaped up. To know that, you must be on the ground with that intuitive understanding of the people who are voting which some people call “political instinct.” Polls won’t tell you what really happened. I also don’t know anything about Irish… Read more

It seems that, no matter how bad a thing is, something good comes out of it somewhere. Consider, for an instant, my recent health problems.  It turns out that breast cancer is not good for your heart. I don’t mean the emotional pain that having cancer inflicts. I’m referring to your actual, physical heart; the tough little muscle that pumps blood and keeps you going from long before you’re born until the moment you die.  The heart is so essential… Read more

Mark Shea is a nice guy. And while he’s truly brilliant, he’s also brave to the point of not-so-smart.  Mark lives his writing life on the edge of a razor. He never flinches from saying what he thinks, even when what he thinks flies in the face of what a lot of other people think. He expresses himself without censoring his thoughts through whatever politically correct sieve his readers might be using. Make no mistake about it; both right wing-nuts… Read more

Is torture wrong?  How about slavery? Is there anything wrong with that? Let’s talk about rape and sexual assault. Is there a moral problem with those things? How about constant lying? Misogyny? Racism? Pornography? Bullying? Adultery?  We spent 8 years watching left-wing religious leaders support direct attacks on the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom while engaging in all-out support for abortion on demand, euthanasia, surrogacy, egg harvesting and, of course, pornography and various forms of sexual immorality. Then politics… Read more

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