President Obama Discusses Ebola

President Obama summarizes what's happening with Ebola in the US. … [Read More...]


In Their Own Words: Inside the Synod

Synod Fathers discuss the Synod on the Family, 2014.Cardinal Willem Jacobus, NetherlandsArchbishop Joseph Kurtz, USACardinal Timothy Dolan, USACardinal Caffarra, ItalyFinal Report Projections  … [Read More...]

Pope Adds African Cardinal to Synod Drafting Committee. Cardinal Pell Says ‘We’re Not Collapsing in a Heap’

Cardinal Napier. Photo Source: Catholic Herald Public Catholic reader Ken alerted me to the fact that Pope Frances has added another member to the drafting committee for the final report from the First Synod on the Family.This report will not directly affect Church teaching. It will be used for further discussion during the … [Read More...]

Between Terrorism, Ebola and Ebola Hysteria, Staycations are Looking Good

I don’t have the money to take a cruise right now, anyway.I’ve got to hire a plumber to fix some drippy leaks and figure out why water backs up into the vents on my house when the yard is soaked. That, and not airline tickets and cruise ships, is where my money is going.But even if I was full up on cash and aching to rol … [Read More...]

Four Londoners Charged with ISIS-Related Terrorism

One of the men charged: Tarik Hassane. Photo Source: Daily Mail Four men have been accused of plotting a terrorist attack on police officers and soldiers in the streets of London.According to the Daily Mail, the men had sworn oaths of allegiance to ISIS and were scouting a London police station and an army barracks. They … [Read More...]

Nigeria, Boko Haram Agree to Ceasefire and Release of Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria’s chief of defense, Alex Badeh, has announced a truce between the Nigerian government and Boko Harma and the possible release of the 200 school girls that Boko Haram abducted six months ago.From BBC Africa:Nigeria's military says it has agreed a truce with Islamist militants Boko Haram - and that the schoolgirls t … [Read More...]

Cardinal Kasper and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Interview

Cardinal Kasper says he didn’t say it.The reporter says he’s got it on tape.“It” is the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad interview that Cardinal Kasper gave yesterday. I can understand why Cardinal Kasper is doing his best to unsay what he said. He truly did open his clerical mouth and insert both his priestly feet. … [Read More...]

6 Things I Hope the Synod on the Family Does That It Doesn’t Seem to be Doing Now

I had high hopes for the Synod on the Family.I had hope that it would find ways for the Church to support and strengthen traditional marriage, that it would address the real problems of children of divorce who grow up with half their souls amputated by the constant roiling.I had hope that it would take a look at ways to … [Read More...]

Second Dallas Nurse Diagnosed with Ebola had Just Completed Cross Country Flight

A second Dallas nurse has been diagnosed with Ebola. She had traveled on a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas a few hours before she became ill.  She is the second person to contract the disease after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from the Ebola. I’m not sure how emergency room personnel, who make the first di … [Read More...]

If You’re a Christian and They Know it, Hire Your Lawyer

 On the one hand, we have the Freedom From Religion Boors, sending off lawyer letters like a Gatling gun with the purpose of intimidating Christians — their target always seems to be Christians — into silence about their faith in public places. And on the other hand, we have that same FFRF, suing the federal government t … [Read More...]

WHO: Ebola Cases Could Reach 20,000 by Nov, Killing 70% of Victims

Ebola is the disease that won’t be contained.Today, the World Health Organizatin issue its more dire prediction so far. Unless huge improvements in control measures, the number of victims could reach 20,000 by November. WHO also revised the mortality rate, saying that 70% of those who contracted the disease will die from it. … [Read More...]

Freedom from Religion Foundation Hits Oklahoma City School

 Kathy Schiffer brought this to my attention.Then I discovered that the Blaze had also covered it.It seems that the Freedom from Religion Foundation is not only opposed to praying in schools, it also opposes pictures of praying.In one of their usual trivial harrassments of ordinary people going about their … [Read More...]

Synod on the Family: Were the Episcopalians Right All Along?

The Vatican is already trying to calm things down.The Synod issued a summary document of the speeches and debate which have taken place in the Synod so far. They called it the Relatio post disceptationem, which probably added to the confusion. If they had just titled it the Official Minutes of the Synod Thus Far, it would … [Read More...]

Dueling Bishops: The Synod in Their Own Words

I've put together a set of comments from the various cardinals about the on-going Synod of the Family. I think it's best right now to let them speak in their own words, rather than try to interpret what they mean.One thing that seems apparent is that there is a wide gap between the Cardinals of the developing world and those … [Read More...]

Why I’m Not Writing About the Synod

I’m haven’t been writing about the Synod on the Family because I don’t have a clue what’s really happening.The quotes from various bishops are confusing, to say the least. They’re also disturbing.That’s what happens when the press gets their hands on public statements. It isn’t usually a deliberate thing on their part. It … [Read More...]

Ebola: The 2014 Outbreak Explained

This video is a couple of weeks behind the curve, but it still contains information that we need to know. … [Read More...]

The Crazy People File

Note: I published this post a few years' back. It seemed apt to republish it today.   "Crazy People"The folder with this name sits on my hard drive.Whenever I get an email that merits the title, I drag it into the "Crazy People" file. After 16 years in public office, the file has swollen to gigs of nutty emails … [Read More...]

Stop Inflicting Your Inner Crazy on Other People

Photo Source: Friendly Atheist Over at Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta published a post concerning a couple of ominous notes received by an atheist leader at an “atheist church.” Public Catholic reader Lark brought this to my attention and asked me to comment on it.I have zero problems saying that the nutso practice of put … [Read More...]