Pontifex December 13: Pope Francis’ Tweet

“Christians are called to work concretely in the realities of this world, illuminating them with the light that comes from God.” Pope Francis Read more

Blessed Stanley Rother, the Shepherd Who Did Not Run

Blessed Stanley Rother’s life and death offer religious leaders who are honestly seeking to follow Christ a contemporary example of how to do it. After his beatification here in Oklahoma City, I wrote a post for the National Catholic Register. Here is part of what I said: I wonder what Father Stanley Rother thinks of all this. He’s now a blessed, beatified martyr of the Church. People say things like “Father Stanley, pray for us,” and they don’t mean it… Read more

Pontifex Tweet of the Day: December 11, 2017

“Political activity must truly be conducted at the service of the human person, with respect for creation and for the common good.” Pope Francis Read more

Did the White House Get It Wrong, Or Did I Miss Something?

This seems so obvious that I can’t believe it’s the way it appears. There was an attempted terrorist attack in New York today. The terrorist who initiated the attack has evidently said that he “radicalized himself” and was doing it “for ISIS.” He also, according to all the news reports I’ve read, is originally from Bangladesh. I’ve also read that the White House press secretary has said that President Trump’s “travel ban” would “have prevented” this man from entering America…. Read more

The Other Side of Gun Control

Guns are just things, the same as knives, automobiles and jet liners. There is no movement for automobile control, even though terrorists and murderers have been using automobiles as instruments of mass murder. We still allow airliners to fly, even though they have been used to kill thousands of people in attacks ranging from 9/11 to any number of downed and crashed flights. Things are not evil. Things are not good. They are just things. What matters is what we… Read more

Pontifex: Tweet of the Day, December 8, 2017

“May the Virgin Mary always be our refuge, our consolation, and the way that leads to Christ.” Pope Francis Read more

Supremes Back Trump’s Immigration Order

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of President Trump’s “travel ban.” What this means — in simplest terms — is that immigrants from several countries in the Middle East are barred from entry into the United States. What that means is that the “travel ban” is, in reality, immigration reform under the guise of an executive order. America’s current immigration laws passed under President Johnson. They were, as much as anything, an emotional response to the moral pressures of… Read more

Pontifex Tweet of the Day: December 7, 2017

  “We all possess God-given talents. No one can claim to be so poor that they have nothing to offer others.” Pope Francis Read more

Pope Francis: Prayer for the World

 Read more

Pontifex Tweet of the Day. December 1, 2017

How much openness is needed to welcome people who feel alone and confused as they search for a meaning in life! Pope Francis Read more

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