Suspect Arrested for Driving Car into Oklahoma Ten Commandment Monument

Law enforcement has arrested a man who allegedly drove his vehicle into the Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma state Capitol grounds last night.The monument has been the subject of attacks from all over the country, including court challenges and an attempt by satanists to place a statue of satan beside it.According to KOCO.com, someone drove their car into the monument at around 9pm Thursday, smashing the monument to pieces. They then left their car at the site. The suspect in … [Read More...]


Life Sentences Without Parole Serve a Necessary Function in Good Governance

According to an article I read in The Guardian, Pope Francis has issued a call to do away with life sentences, calling them a ‘hidden death penalty.'I know that the Holy Father comes from Argentina, and that he lived through a brutal regime in which the government engaged in random arrests, incarceration, torture and even murder of its own citizens. I have no doubt that his feelings about life sentences are informed by his own life experiences. I would guess that, if I was looking at the i … [Read More...]

New York Doctor Diagnosed with Ebola

Dr Craig Spencer Dr Craig Spencer, who had recently been treating Ebola patients in Guinea, has been diagnosed with Ebola. Dr Spencer is in isolation at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Health care officials are attempting to reconstruct his activities in the recent past to identify people who might have been exposed to the … [Read More...]

New York Police Officers Wounded in Hatchet Attack. Possible Terrorist Connections.

Photo Source: Zale Thompson’s web site. The New York Police Department is investigating a possible terrorist attack/murder of a police officer with a hatchet. Police officers shot and killed Zale Thompson after he fractured the skull of Officer Kenneth Healey. Mr Thompson also injured a second police officer, wounding his arm. … [Read More...]

You Raise Me Up

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Conversion Story: Jennifer Fulwiler

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The Faith of Persecuted Christians

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Conversion Story: Anna

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Conversion Story: Melissa Weinisch

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St John Paul II: The Pope Who Changed History

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Breaking: Shots Fired in Canadian Parliament Building

Tending to the wounded at the memorial. Photo Source: BBC News US & CanadaFrom BBC News US & Canada:Several shots have been fired inside and outside the nation's parliament in Ottawa, leaving one soldier wounded. A gunman fired at the National War Memorial and then ran into parliament nearby, continuing the … [Read More...]

Canada: Hit and Run that Killed Soldier is Called Terrorist Attack

Photo Source: ctvnews.ca Canadian authorities are doing something that American authorities appear to be incapable of doing: They are telling the truth.They have named a recent hit and run in which Martin Rouleou-Couture used his automobile to murder one soldier and injure another at a strip mall as terrorism. The attack … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Explains the Power of the Eucharist

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Fall Cleaning. Life Cleaning.

I cleaned out my office the Monday after session adjourned.My son and one of his friends drove over and carried it all out.Now, after leaving them stacked up for months, I'm figuring out what to keep and what to toss from the things I brought home. I remember Princess Diana, after her divorce, selling all her old … [Read More...]

Haters Gonna Hate: Christian Ministers Forced to Perform Gay Marriage or Face Jail Time

Photo Source: Catholic News Agency Remember the lies?Gay marriage would not lead to polygamy, they said. But before gay marriage is even fully out of the gate, the court movement to legalize polygamy is afoot. Gay marriage will never lead to ministers being forced to perform gay marriage wedding services, they told us. … [Read More...]

The Synod, One More Time

I was bugged all day long yesterday by one of my own posts. The post in question in this one. It was the post in which I compared the recent Synod on the Family with the United States Congress.I tried twice last night to write another post, essentially taking back some of the sharp-edged harshness of that one, but I couldn’t … [Read More...]

First, Wars, Plagues and Earthquakes. Now We’ve Got Spiders as Big as Chihuahuas.

Mouse meets the Goliath Birdeater First, Boko Haram.Then, earthquakes in Oklahoma, Russia in the Ukraine, and then ISIS, followed by an Ebola chaser.What’s next?It seems that what may be next is spiders the size of chihuahuas. These adorable critters, are known by the nifty little name, the South American Goliath B … [Read More...]

Conversion Story: Jesus Speaks Directly to Convert from Islam

This video is the first person story of man who converted to Christianity from Islam. In the process, he had a powerful, personal encounter with the Risen Lord. … [Read More...]