cardinal one of 8

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Can We Still Be Friends?

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Can the Rs Survive Trump

I'm not sure either party is going to survive, and I don't know that I think they should. Can the Rs survive Trump? Right now, he has his worshipful followers, but if he actually does some of the things he's talking about in finance, governance and international relations, we're in for a world of hurt. Add to that the fact that … [Read More...]

Bishop Kagan Pope Francis Bishops are Shepherds, Not CEOs

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Big Brother

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Berkeley Students Respond to Ad

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Atheists Attack Christian Speaker. Lists Atheists Hate Speech Against Christianity

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atheist experience

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Asking for Prayers

I was up all night with Mama again last night.She's gone from sleeping around the clock for days on end to not sleeping at all. She's also beginning to hallucinate again. Nothing bad. She just hears people telling her how pretty she is. I'm ok with it so long as it stays positive.Hospice is supposed to help me figure out … [Read More...]

America is Still the Hope of the World.

I'm a bit behind the curve in covering Pope Francis' trip to Korea. But it is a significant event.I spent a week with Youth With a Mission in Hawaii a few years ago. While I was there, I met many Korean Christians who were training to go into missions all over Asia. One of them told me that Korea is the number … [Read More...]

Amazing Grace

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5 Healthy and Holy Things You Can Do For Pope Francis and For Yourself.

Pope Francis challenges all of us.Evidently, a lot of people are irate with the pope because of the choice between their politics and their faith that he's put in front of them. I'm caught in more prosaic conundrums. I made the decision a long time ago -- and it was painful at the time, with a lot of payback from the o … [Read More...]

Going Away. Coming Back.

Eleven years ago next November, I was sitting in the cathedral at Fatima.I was not praying. I was simply floating in the atmosphere of blessedness that pervades the place.Without introduction, God opened up a sort of vision. I learned that I was going to be doing something very different in the future, that I had … [Read More...]

Yes, I’m a Feminist. Why Aren’t You a Feminist Too?

I've received a few jibes lately from Catholics, claiming that I must be a feminist. These comments are usually full to the brim with what are either implications or direct claims that I can't possibly be a good Catholic, since I am ... you know ... the culture wars f word.Truth told, I am a feminist. I've written about it, a … [Read More...]