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Don’t Go to Battle for Christ Before You Go to Spiritual Boot Camp

Make no mistake about it: The culture wars are going to get hot and hotter.The recent revelations about Planned Parenthood dialed up the heat. The president's response (which I'm going to write about next week) tossed dynamite onto the burner. This is going to get ugly.Another shooting adds a new line to the column of proof that our society is deconstructing. Wishy washy responses about the gay marriage decision from some of our religious leaders leaves those of us in the pews wondering … [Read More...]

MBA 11 and iPad 1. Mine is an iPad 3 or 4, I forget which. Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Paul Hudson

Macbook Air 11 vs iPad: Which is Better for Travel?

I'm going to the Catholic Writers Convention next week.Or, I suppose I might say that I'm running away for the week. I'm leaving Mama in the care of my husband and sons. They're apprehensive that she's going to be downright rebellious about it. Me? I'm a mix of shared apprehension and giddy anticipation of freedom from diaper changing.I really do feel like an escapee of sorts, leaving my 90-year-old baby behind and all. I am worried, big time worried, about how it will be, with me gone. N … [Read More...]

So … What Did Cecile Richards’ Statement Do for Planned Parenthood?

So ... what did the president of Planned Parenthood accomplish with her statement a few days ago?It appears that her house is collapsing. But appearances in politics are not only deceiving, they are meant to deceive. In the world of hard ball politics where "bans" on partial birth abortion are nothing of the kind and … [Read More...]

… and the Plot Sickens. Baby Parts Selling Doc Now Employed by Former White House Staffer

This is an example of how things work in the world of interlocking boards and political friends helping each other out.Dr Deborah Nucatola, the doc who talked about selling the body parts of aborted babies in the now famous video, now works for Sexual Health Innovations, an organization founded by former White House staffer … [Read More...]

The Future of the Catholic Church is the Same as Its Past

Ok, so I'm the daughter of a mechanic, the granddaughter of a laborer who at one time dug ditches and was glad for the work on one side of my family, and a real-life horse-breaking, cattle-branding cowboy on the other.My great-grandfathers were farmers and blacksmiths. Cherokee blood flows in my veins from a time when being … [Read More...]

Abortion Apologists Defend the Mother Ship

Planned Parenthood's mega funding from the federal coffers might be -- might be -- in a bit of danger.I don't honestly think it's in all that much danger. Planned Parenthood has weathered worse. Several times.But the video of their medical director swilling wine, chomping on salad and discussing the sale of body parts f … [Read More...]

Boehner Announces Investigation into Planned Parenthood

Speaker John Boehner announced today that the United States House of Representatives will begin a process of looking into Planned Parenthood's sale of organs that it obtains from aborted babies.According to the Daily Caller, this process will begin with reviews of Planned Parenthood's activities by the relevant committees of … [Read More...]

Colorado State U Buys Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Body Parts

Why is abortion so hard to stop? Why is Planned Parenthood seemingly impossible to de-fund?Part of the answer is that both abortion and Planned Parenthood are entwined throughout the supra-culture.It appears that Colorado State University has been indirectly buying aborted baby parts from Planned Parenthood by purchasing … [Read More...]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Comes Out Against Gay Marriage

Just when I thought that there were no independent thinking heads of states left in the Western world, here comes German Chancellor Angela Merkel, swimming alone and against the tide.Her common-sense approach is to end unjust discrimination against homosexuals, but to maintain marriage as between one man and one woman. She … [Read More...]

Why Would Any Woman Submit to Partial Birth Abortion? Why Would Any Doctor Do It?

At first, I thought partial birth abortion was a hoax.I mean, why would any woman submit to this procedure? Why would any doctor do it?It made no sense.Now it does.Read how I came to understand the whys of partial birth abortion at The National Catholic Register:Partial birth abortion. The phrase is an … [Read More...]

10th Circuit Rules First Amendment Protections Don’t Apply to Little Sisters of the Poor

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Little Sisters of the Poor are not affiliated with a specific church and they are a non-profit, so the First Amendment doesn't apply to them.Ditto for the Christian Brothers Services and Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust, the Catholic organization through which the … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood Medical Director Filmed Selling Baby Body Parts

"Laws are open to interpretation."That's how Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr Deborah Nucatola, described the organization's attitude toward federal law prohibiting partial birth abortion. This 2014 video shows Dr Nucatola engaging in conversation with someone she believed to be a Fetal Tissue … [Read More...]

Cancer Doc Who Gave Healthy People Chemo Gets 45 Years.

What happens when you cannot trust your doctor?Dr Farid Fata is an example.Dr Fata lied to patients who were not sick and told them they had cancer. Then, he subjected them to the horrors of cancer therapy. He also gave patients who actually did have cancer many more chemotherapy treatments than they should have had. All … [Read More...]

How Do You Leave the Catholic Church?

How can you leave the Catholic Church?I ask this question and give my answer at the National Catholic Register.How can you leave the Catholic Church? The question was rhetorical, not literal. I asked it of the air, more or less, as my husband was driving the car. At the same time that I asked it rhetorically, I meant it … [Read More...]

Oregon Allows 15-Year-Olds to Get Sex Change Operations without Parental Consent

This story of politically correct excess speaks for itself.Oregon is now allowing children as young as 15 to undergo sex-change surgery without parental consent. This, in a state that does not allow 15-year-olds to drive a car or smoke a cigarette.This irresponsible action by the state of Oregon is symptomatic of the … [Read More...]

Pope Gets Gobsmacked by Bolivian President’s Adolescent Blasphemy

Here's what happened:Pope Francis was on a Papal tour of Bolivia. He was in the process of greeting Bolivian President Evo Morales.Now President Morales is a head of state. One would expect him to behave like a head of state and not a middle-schooler, bent on a deliberately blasphemous prank. But then ... this guy's bad … [Read More...]

Oklahoma Governor Says 10 Commandments Monument Can Stay

Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin has decided that the 10 Commandments Monument can stay on state capitol grounds.The Oklahoma State Supreme Court recently ruled that the monument violates the Oklahoma State Constitution.  They made this ruling despite the fact that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that a similar … [Read More...]

Was St Maria Goretti’s Purity in Her Body? Let’s Ask St Augustine.

Purity is a virtue of the soul ... not even when the body is violated is it lost. St Augustine St Augustine had a lot to say about rape.His teaching on this subject is the historic Christian attitude toward rape victims. It speaks comfort to the victims of ISIS and sex slavery today, as well as rape victims all over the wo … [Read More...]