Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Lucky Me, I was There

Cell phones change everything, including the experience of taking shelter during a tornado.Last night, while we sat in our storm shelter in Oklahoma City, my husband exchanged texts with his best friend who was a hundred miles away in Sand Springs. His friend was also in a storm shelter.Okies.We know tornadoes.A wave of storms swept through the state yesterday, sending a lot of us into shelters. These weren't the huge killer tornadoes that come down and stay down for long periods … [Read More...]

Senator Anastasia Pittman Oklahoma State Senate File Photo

Levi Pettit, OKC Black Leaders Hold Press Conference About Racist Video

Levit Pettit, one of the two young men who were expelled from Oklahoma University for their participation in singing a racist song at a fraternity gathering, apologized at a press conference this afternoon.Senator Anastasia Pittman and other leaders in the Oklahoma City black community, including prominent members of the clergy, joined him at this press conference. At one point, one of the black community leaders reached out to pat him on the back while he was speaking.Senator Pittman … [Read More...]

Breaking: Speaker John Boehner’s Office Orders Arrest of Pro Life Demonstrators

Pro life leaders were arrested for holding a prayer vigil outside House Speaker Boehner's office today.Pro life nurse Jill Stanek, who has been a vociferous critic of President Obama for lying about his history of killing the infant born alive bill when he was in the Illinois State Senate was one of those arrested. Other … [Read More...]

From Hitler to the BTK Killer, How Do You Forgive a Monster?

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. Corrie Ten Boom Corrie Ten Boom's story was pivotal in my growth as a Christian.My conversion to Christ happened when I was alone, driving my car. No other person, no church or clergy, … [Read More...]

Rep Mike Shelton: OU Racist Video the Action of ‘A Few Ignorant Individuals’

Representative Mike Shelton gave a powerful speech about the video of University of Oklahoma fraternity members singing a racist song.It's particularly pertinent in this season of Lent. … [Read More...]

Our Beautiful Pastoral Pope Preaches and Teaches the Gospel in Naples

I love Pope Francis. Nuff said. … [Read More...]

Slander and Character Assassination are Murder with Words

Living with shame is like walking barefoot on glass. If anyone knows about public shaming, it's Monica Lewinsky.I chose the video of a TED talk that Ms Lewinsky gave for this post because she does not believe the things I do, at least in certain areas. I want to make the point that neither this nor her previous behavior … [Read More...]

You CAN Use Roku, Amazon TV, Apple TV with Your Ancient Television. Here’s How.

I recently bought Amazon's new Amazon Fire TV.I'm an Amazon Prime user, and they sent me an offer to buy it for a lower than listed price. You know how it goes. I clicked and made off with it.Part of the sell line on the Amazon Fire TV is how easy it is to hook up. However, for those of us who are using Lazarus tvs from … [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Groupies Surround Him

Every public figure has groupies of one sort or another.Pope Francis looks more startled than I've ever seen him when he's surrounded by his groupies. … [Read More...]

America and Its Half Million Homeless Ghosts

Foxes have dens, birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head. Jesus Christ Sprinklergate, the story that the Cathedral of St Mary in San Francisco was using its sprinkler system to clear the cathedral steps of homeless people, is a symptom of a big-time problem.That problem is that American … [Read More...]

Sprinklergate: Is it Real, or Is It Politics?

I've been sick as the proverbial dawg these past few days. I managed to put together a couple of posts, but then I fell back into bed and pulled the blankets over my head.I'm not feeling all that great today, either, but I have roused myself from my coughing and hacking and moaning and complaining long enough to realize that … [Read More...]

Church Turns to Congress for Relief from Attacks on Religious Freedom

The city of Washington, DC has passed two laws that directly attack religious freedom.The first is the ironically titled Human Rights Amendment of 2014. According to Catholic News Agency, ... the Human Rights Amendment of 2014, forces religious schools to recognize persons and groups who might conflict with their stated … [Read More...]

Vatican Archives Shed Light on the Armenian Genocide

This year is the 100th anniversary of what is often called "The Forgotten Genocide," which is the Armenian Genocide.This slaughter of Christians by the Ottoman Turks occurred during World War I. Together, the formed the kick-off for the bloodbath that we remember as the 20th Century.I'm going to write about the Armenian … [Read More...]

ISIS Bombs Shiite Mosque in Yemen. More than One Hundred Dead.

More than 100 people were murdered by the bombing of a Shiite Mosque in Yemen.This highlights something that Americans in general have been ignoring. Much of the conflict in the Middle East comes from warring factions within Islam itself.This bombing marks the first attack by ISIS within Yemen.From USA … [Read More...]

Scrivener is (Finally) Coming to iPad

One of the most fun things about leaving legislating behind and taking up writing has been the switch from heavy-duty computing to boutique computing.The reason that's fun?Because I like to buy certain things: Shoes, purses and techie stuff.I actually enjoy trying out software and reading about it and figuring out … [Read More...]

Help Me to Confront My Own Transgressions

This Lenten Prayer of St Ephrem goes back to the 4th century. … [Read More...]

Purple Prose Aside, Oklahoma Did Not Limit Marriage to People of Faith

My former colleague, Representative Todd Russ, recently passed a piece of legislation, HB 1125 that would move issuance of Oklahoma marriage licenses from court clerks to clergy or judges.Under Oklahoma law as it presently stands, court clerks, who are elected officials, issue marriage licenses.I think that the bill is a … [Read More...]

I’m Taking a Sick Day

I went all winter and never got a cold. Now that the weather's turning warm, it catches up with me.I'm taking a sick day today. I'm going to sleep, watch old movies on tv and get well.See you in a few.Rebecca … [Read More...]