Going Away. Coming Back.

Eleven years ago next November, I was sitting in the cathedral at Fatima.I was not praying. I was simply floating in the atmosphere of blessedness that pervades the place.Without introduction, God opened up a sort of vision. I learned that I was going to be doing something very different in the future, that I had specific books that He wanted me to write.That wasn't all of it. But it's the part that applies to what I'm telling you now.Eleven years have passed. I have put off … [Read More...]

Yes, I’m a Feminist. Why Aren’t You a Feminist Too?

I've received a few jibes lately from Catholics, claiming that I must be a feminist. These comments are usually full to the brim with what are either implications or direct claims that I can't possibly be a good Catholic, since I am ... you know ... the culture wars f word.Truth told, I am a feminist. I've written about it, and, indeed, made whole speeches about it in many public forums. I don't hide it. I'm proud of it.In fact, I have a question for those of you who think being a fe … [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Pro Life Message

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Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention for February 2017

I've decided I'm going to post Pope Francis' prayer intentions every month.This one is challenging for those of us in the West because the Holy Father is asking us to do something that runs against our basic instinct for survival. Americans have always welcomed those in need, and we have a long history of reaching out to … [Read More...]

Kellyanne Conway: Was It Foot-In-Mouth or an Ethics Violation?

President Harry Truman's daughter wanted to be a singer. When one reviewer gave her a bad review, her Daddy reacted as Daddies do and sent the man a letter in which he called him an obscene name.I don't really think this is a straight-across comparison between the situation with President Trump and the recent cancellation by … [Read More...]

When It Comes to Political Parties, Wise George Said It All

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very … [Read More...]

More Senator Jeff Sessions and Mrs King, Plus a Look at His AG Resume

The story of Attorney General Sessions' unsavory past as a public official just keeps on rolling.His supporters are turning over rocks looking for "proof" that Mrs Coretta Scott King's letter was a confabulation. Failing that, they will settle for saying that the Attorney General had a secret and unpublicized conversion in … [Read More...]

Did Jeff Sessions Receive an Award from the NAACP?

Did the same NAACP that came out swinging against Senator Jeff Sessions' nomination as Attorney General of the United States give him an award in 2009?A photo of a plaque containing the words "NAACP Award for Governmental Excellence" is making the rounds today. The plaque, dated 2009, was found by an employee who was … [Read More...]

Read the NAACP Statement About Attorney General Sessions’ Confirmation Yourself.

A photo of what appears to be an award to Attorney General Jeff Sessions from 2009 is being circulated. I'm not sure what this means.As of now, I stand by what I wrote in this post concerning Attorney General Sessions. I do regard his confirmation as a tragedy for American Christianity because so many Christians chose to … [Read More...]

Is Jeff Sessions Confirmation a Tragedy for American Christianity?

In a move that I regard as a tragedy for American Christianity, the United States Senate consented to President Trump's appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General of the United States.They did this, despite Senator Sessions past as a Jim Crow public official. They did this after silencing Senator … [Read More...]

US Senate Silences Warren for Reading Letter from MLK’s Widow

Note: I've been told the links below to Mrs King's letter don't work. Since it's a 10-page letter, I can't reproduce it here. Instead go here and click through to it. It's a historic document, and considering that it is talking about the man who is charged with enforcing our laws, a disturbing one. You should read … [Read More...]

America is Breaking Apart Over the Polarizing Worship of Little g gods

America is breaking apart over the polarizing worship of little g gods.We the People have become idiots and fools who follow one banner or the other blindly, without thought. To do this, we lie. We lie about the factual world around us. We lie about those who disagree with us. We lie about ourselves. And we lie about the … [Read More...]

Can You Do This?

I read that anti-Pope Francis posters have appeared around Rome. I have one question for those responsible:Can you do this?This is a video of the Holy Father, performing an off-the-cuff exorcism while going down a receiving line. The Church has real power over satan, and that power flows through the Pope.I can put up … [Read More...]

Timothy Putnam and the Weightiness of Becoming Catholic

There is something weighty in the decision to become Catholic. Timothy Putnam There is something weighty in the decision to become Catholic. Indeed there is. Sing it, say it, live it, my brother in Christ. Timothy Putnam has "it." That "it" is a genuine searching willingness to follow Jesus, even when -- not if, but when -- He … [Read More...]

Misunderstood Rattlesnakes? Count Me as One of the Misunderstanders.

Now here's something you don't want to see.Young Isac McFadden of Abilene Texas saw a "clump" in the toliet. Fortunately, he went to his mother about it rather than investigating himself.His mother found what looks to be a healthy diamond back rattlesnake in the toilet, which, I guess, puts an end to the old story that … [Read More...]

Trump, a Racist Sexist? Well … Duh.

I feel your pain sister.Been there. Done that. Got the press clippings, the extra 20 pounds from stress eating and the bloomin' t-shirt.Representative Beth Fukumoto, a Republican member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, is under fire from her fellow Republican legislators. Why? Well, it seems that she participated … [Read More...]

Did America Discriminate Against Christian Refugees Under Obama?

I have no first-hand knowledge of this. However, I have read repeatedly in publications which seek to support Christians who are subjected to discrimination, that President Obama's administration discriminated against Christians who were seeking asylum in this country.President Trump evidently repeated that charge in front … [Read More...]

Bishops “Troubled.” Evangelicals Ecstatic. Trump’s Religious Roundup for the Week.

It appears that Evangelicals are the darling of the new administration, but the Catholics, not quite so much. Or maybe the Catholics will do better as events unfold. We'll have to watch and see.As of now, the USCCB is "concerned" because President Trump has decided to retain an Obama executive order which, "prohibits federal … [Read More...]