Who Will Call Obama for Us?

Who Will Call Obama for Us? October 24, 2013


Would you like to call President Obama and demand that he stop tapping your phone?

Some people have done just that.

According to a New York Times article, German Chancellor Angela Merkel dialed up the president and angrily demanded assurance that he was not tapping her cell phone. French President Francois Hollande summoned the American Ambassador and expressed “extreme approbation” over NSA spying on French citizens.

It’s too bad we the people don’t have someone to make a similar call to the president for us.

Oh wait.

We do have someone.

We have our elected representatives in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. The only trouble is that they’re in the bag on the plans to spy on us, right along with the Orwellian press.

So … does that mean we don’t have anyone to speak out for us?

Yes. It does.

From the New York Times:

BERLIN — The diplomatic fallout from the documents harvested by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden intensified on Wednesday, with one of the United States’ closest allies, Germany, announcing that its leader had angrily called President Obama seeking reassurance that her cellphone was not the target of an American intelligence tap.
Washington hastily pledged that the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, leader of Europe’s most powerful economy, was not the target of current surveillance and would not be in the future, while conspicuously saying nothing about the past. After a similar furor with France, the call was the second time in 48 hours that the president found himself on the phone with a close European ally to argue that the unceasing revelations of invasive American intelligence gathering should not undermine decades of hard-won trans-Atlantic trust.
Both episodes illustrated the diplomatic challenge to the United States posed by the cache of documents that Mr. Snowden handed to the journalist Glenn Greenwald. Last week, Mr. Greenwald concluded a deal with the eBay founder Pierre Omidyar to build a new media platform that aims in part to publicize other revelations from the data Mr. Greenwald now possesses.The damage to core American relationships continues to mount.
Last month, President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil postponed a state visit to the United States after Brazilian news media reports — fed by material from Mr. Greenwald — that the N.S.A. had intercepted messages from Ms. Rousseff, her aides and the state oil company, Petrobras. Recently, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel, which has said it has a stack of Snowden documents, suggested that United States intelligence had gained access to communications to and from President Felipe Calderón of Mexico when he was still in office.

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4 responses to “Who Will Call Obama for Us?”

  1. The problem, as I see it, with any potential reforms to the “security” and surveillance apparatus is that those reforms will depend on the full cooperation of people that put those policies into place in the first place, people that see nothing wrong with these intrusions of freedom. Without dispensing with all of the leadership of organizations like the NSA, we’ll go nowhere.

  2. I thought Putin told Snowden that he could stay in Russia but that he must stop disclosing classified information. He should have him arrested and extradited to face trial for treason.

  3. I think Snowden did all of us a big favor Bill. The government is trampling the 4th amendment and all our freedoms under the guise of “keeping Americans safe.” As for Putin, I think he’ll make his own decisions.

  4. The government is trampling the 4th amendment and all our freedoms under the guise of “keeping Americans safe.”

    I don’t think it is all a “guise”. I think some of it is necessary. Can it get out of hand? Yes. Do we need to spy on our allies? Of course not. And we shouldn’t even if we think we do need to. I am for spying on potential terrorists even if it requires spying on me. I have nothing to hide.