The Myst-ery of Revelation

The Myst-ery of Revelation November 1, 2013

I’m taking the month of November to look at what the Church calls “natural revelation”: that is, what we can deduce about God with natural reason merely by looking around at stuff. I anticipate a lot of asplodey-headness from the Usual Suspects in the evangelical atheist community. Should be fun! Might even get a few visits from Ye Olde Statistician to sally forth in Thomistic conversation with them, you never know.

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  • Stu

    Will there be snacks and refreshments? 🙂

    Regardless, this looks like a great project (the kind of stuff that is your strength). Looking forward to it.

    But seriously, will there be snack and refreshments?

    • chezami

      There will be digital images of snacks and refreshment for foodies on a tight budget. Christians are invited to praise God for beautiful images. Atheists are invited to complain that the lack of real food proves that God does not exist and besides he’s evil.

      • Stu

        mmmmmmmm….digital images of snacks and refreshments.

      • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

        I require digital images of chocolate or I will pronounce everything you say as heresy.

  • Katie in FL

    My husband enjoyed Myst and its sequels. He kept track of clues and codes in a little notebook that we called “The Grail Diary” after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Excellent article, btw.

  • Noah Doyle

    Myst is an excellent example of that – so is Minecraft. I encourage parents to get it for their kids. Just…limit the time, it can be a sink.

  • Obpoet

    So in medicine we are fond of stating the odd for a disease might be 1 in 1000, but when it happens to you, its 100%. So when you look at the complexity of nature and think, wow, God must have set it up that way, is that really true, or were we just lucky?

    So for example, the Earth’s orbit around the sun: closer and we’d too hot, futher away and plants couldn’t grow and sustain life. Random chance and so here we are, or God set it up that way? How do we solve this riddle of nature?

  • Dan Li

    Myst, one of my favorites! I haven’t gone through in a while.