These are the People Who Prompted Rorate Coeli to Instantly Shriek that Francis was a “Horror”

These are the People Who Prompted Rorate Coeli to Instantly Shriek that Francis was a “Horror” November 14, 2013

A reader writes:

Greetings from Argentina. I am sending you a link to a story in the local media about the wonderful world of Buenos Aires schismatics. The gist of the story is a group of SSPX (in the story, “lefebvrista”) members tried to interrupt an ecumenical prayer service commemorating the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht hosted by the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in his cathedral. Pope Francis, when he was Archbishop, maintained very good relations with the Jewish community in BA (the largest in Latin America, by the way), and his successor is trying to do the same. This is not always easy in a country that sheltered quite a few Nazis, and where twice in the ’90s the Jewish community was the target of very large bombings.

This sort of misbehavior should give a bit of context to the little controversies earlier this year about Bergoglio’s attitude toward the Extraordinary Form Mass as Archbishop. The silver lining in this story is that the writer correctly identified the protagonists as schismatics.

Here’s the story as told by the WaPo, which likewise manages to correctly tag these people as “fringe”. Unfortunately it still makes the mistake of calling them “Catholic”.

The biggest enemies of sane Traditionalism are Traditionalists like this. These were the people Rorate Coeli and similar Francis-bashers instantly trusted for information on what a “horror” Pope Francis was. The man gave them the EF lickety-split and these Jew-hating ingrates responded with contempt because it wasn’t perfect enough for their precious selves. Why would a bishop, confronted with an embittered nucleus of malcontents like this, possibly conclude that wasting a lot of time on placating them is not near the top of his to do list? Particularly after a display like this? The best pastoral strategy for these evil sympathizers for mass murder is a 2X4 to the side of the head and a bum’s rush from the precincts of civilized company. No normal person in their right mind would touch this stuff with a barge pole and no sane bishop in the world (which, of course, excludes Richard Williamson) should waste one more second trying to mollycoddle them. They deserve nothing but opposition, rebuke, and a slap in the face until they repent of being the enemies of the Church and the human race that they are. As Traditionalist reader Sean P. Dailey say, “If it weren’t for these jerks, we’d have an EF in our parishes by now.”

Too true. What harried priest in his right mind, swamped with a million things to do, is going to take the time to learn the EF when he has a more-than-reasonable expectation that the reward for his efforts will be a buzzing cloud of *these* revolting misanthropes congregating around the parish to harrass him for not doing it perfectly, to screech about Jews tunnelling under the sanctuary, and to make his life a living hell with behavior like that of these odious brats? The sooner some way is found to accomodate sane Traditionalists and weed out these lunatics, the sooner the Benedictine reforms can get back on track.

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