Dibs! December 2, 2013

…on being the first guy to call Amazon’s armada of drones the Skeet Fleet.

As far as I know, I’m the first person to use the  term.  One of my dreams is to coin a neologism that sticks in the public consciousness.  This is my big chance.

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  • Bill

    Skeet is a term you don’t want to be identified with.

    • kenofken

      Yeah, that has certain um….adult film industry connotations. Which makes it even a better “big chance” to cash in on it if you can trademark it quickly enough!

      • chezami

        Just my luck. I’m not exactly read up on such matters.

      • Dan F.

        huh, I always associated the word with “skeet shooting” – which is why “skeet fleet” makes so much sense…

        • Bill

          I’ve always associated it with Lil Jon.

  • Stu

    Reminds me of Secondhand Lions.

  • Linebyline

    Yet another example of how our ignorant culture refuses to draw critical distinctions.

    Just because the government uses UAVs for nefarious purposes does not make quad copters inherently evil or give anyone the right to destroy other people’s property (either the “drones” themselves or the paid-for Amazon packages they’ll be carrying if this gets off the ground–er, so to speak).
    There are plenty of good uses for remote-controlled aircraft. I’d be pretty upset if I were operating one for perfectly legitimate purposes and some paranoid nut (dumb enough to think actual bad guys need drones to spy on him) shoots down my thousands of dollars worth of equipment as some kind of political statement.

    Regarding the x-rated definition of “skeet” (whatever that is) I have to say that I really don’t care. Sooner or later we’ll hit the point where every word in the English language has a crass alternate definition. We haven’t renamed any sports equipment because, tee hee, “balls.” I don’t see why we should do so for skeet. But if it makes you feel better, you can come up with a play on “clay pigeon” I guess.