Over at Strange Notions…

Over at Strange Notions… December 27, 2013

…we continue our look at the four senses of Scripture by looking at the moral sense.

Brandon Vogt continues to be the soul of common sense and civility with atheists. Meanwhile, the “Friendly Atheist” continues to be the hive mind for intellectual 14 year olds who think it’s highlarious to leave the rhetorical equivalent of a flaming bag of dog crap in front of church doors and call it “free thought”.

Speaking of which, Hemant Mehta, the “friendly” atheist just had a gift to a library turned down because they regard him as a member of a hate group. Hard to dispute that after spending time wading through the sewage lagoon of his thought. Hope he finds something to do with his time in the new year besides spitting on the Eucharist. The trouble with professional atheists is that they wind up literally having nothing to say. Dude. We get it. You don’t believe. Boring. Say something else.

I miss Leah Libresco’s kind of atheism.

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