Prayers for our Syriac Orthodox Brothers and Sisters

Prayers for our Syriac Orthodox Brothers and Sisters December 20, 2013

The jihadi butchers the Obama Administration inexplicably supports as our allies, with the help of our dear good friends the Saudis, have perpetrated the largest massacre of innocent men, women and children Christians in Syria.  Nobody in the US noticed, of course, since it was our Partners is Liberty who did it and we were all lying down with cold compresses on our heads because some beardy guy on a reality show was saying homosex is a sin and some mall rat wished us “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

Want real oppression, O metrosexual blue state culture warrior?  Want real “war on Christmas” O Hannitized red state culture warrior?  Go here.  The one constant of our foreign policy is the systematic destruction of the Church in the Middle East.

Father, help your suffering Church through Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, pray for them!

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Help Syrian refugees by answering CRS’ appeal here!

  • Dave G.

    A couple things. Nobody has noticed? I don’t know. Someone did, or we wouldn’t know the story. Plus, news outlets have covered the persecution of Christians. I saw CNN run a segment on it, and FOX has covered it many times.. True, the CNN segment I watched was some time back, and focused on our own policies (mainly under Bush). But they covered it. FOX has tended to speak more broadly of global persecution of Christians, and has done so many times.

    Second, the War on Christmas. I’m not a fan of the term. But the term had a beginning, and that was a few years back when it came out that some retailers were telling their employees not to speak the C-Word during the Holidays. It’s one thing to *choose* to say Happy Holidays. It’s another thing to be forced to say it. Especially since we are fighting for more F-Bombs on Network TV and seem to have no problem with official statements and nods to other beliefs and their holidays. Selective freedom of speech was not a liberal promise.

    Which brings us to the third point. I’m not one who says the best time to worry about the barn door is after the horse gets out. No matter how hard I try, I can’t ignore that there is a trend. Fact is, those who focus most on global persecution of Christians are the ones obsessed (and sometimes over-obsessed) with the unfortunately termed War on Christmas. Those who mention Christian persecution less (if at all) tend to be the ones who dismiss, or outwardly mock, the idea that Christians should be bothered when they’re told to shut up as so many other expressions are given the official seal of approval.

    In addition to it being part of our idiot generation’s idea that only through censorship and oppression can we achieve diversity, and in addition to the intellectual dishonesty, it can’t be missed that there is a trend. At least IMHO.