Reactionaries Definitely Past Sell By Date

Reactionaries Definitely Past Sell By Date December 7, 2013

Pope Blasts Reactionary Jerks for Jesus who Busted up Kristallnacht Commemoration in Buenos Aires

The pope knows perfectly well that when you scratch a Reactionary, you find a Jew-hating nutjob like the fanatics shouting “Hail Mary” in the same tone (and with the same intent) as their fathers and mothers shouted “Sieg Heil!’ after an evening reminiscing about the Good Old Days over drinks with immigrant doctor Josef Mengele.  You also find a narcissistic, self-pitying bully who fundamentally hates the Church’s evangelistic enterprise and instinctively does whatever repulsive thing he can–such as cheer for genocide–in order to drive as many people as possible away from the Church.  The people who do this stuff are enemies of the gospel, of the love of God, and of the human race.  They are in grave spiritual danger.

Pope Francis, reacting to the disruption of a recent interfaith Kristallnacht  memorial, told Latin American religious leaders visiting the Vatican that “aggression cannot be an act of faith.”

“Preaching intolerance is a form of militancy that must be overcome,” Francis  told the delegation on Tuesday.

“Overcome” not “met with apologies or accomodation” is the key word there.  More antics like that one and the Pharisees in the Reactionary Bunker may find that they will finally witness that Hammer of Excommunication they so long to inflict on others coming down in the  last place they expect.

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