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Dinesh D’Souza is not the Martyr you were looking for.

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  • Sus_1

    I don’t know about D’Souza’s campaign donation troubles but I did watch his Obama movie. I was embarrassed for D’Souza. The movie made D’Souza look like the loons that think the moon landing was faked.

    D’Souza has zero credibility after that movie.

    • Obpoet

      Actually, the movie is looking more and more prophetic as the dept spirals ever out of control. And what he suggests motivates our President of the Lie seems more and more plausible every day.

      • If we’re going to be be accurate, if you mean “debt”, actually no, the debt isn’t “spiraling out of control” since the release of that movie. Thanks to the sequester and a bit of economic growth, it’s actually shrinking. Was shrinking so much GOP had political leverage to negotiate part of it away so they could get a shutdown off the table.

        Does that mean there’s nothing more to do? There’s still a lot to do. But part of the problem with people like D’Souza is they aren’t interested in actually influencing things. They are interested in starting controversy to gin up sales and influence for themself. Political partisans who are in the political minority (whatever party they may be at a given time) just happen to be really suspectible marks.

        • Obpoet

          No, its not shrinking. Its increasing every year. I think that is why next month, the are going to have to raise the debt ceiling, again. Otherwise, why would they?

  • Matt Talbot

    Speaking as a Catholic and a Democrat, I offer prayers for D’souza. This has all the characteristics of a tragedy, in the proper, literary sense of that word.

  • tt

    Thank you for this. I am so tired of people who convince themselves that anyone who shares their political ideology is a good and moral Christian. It so often is not so. And, I dare say, many of those they are admiring are using their assumption to gain votes or money.

  • Elmwood

    I think a giant wedgie by an Alpha Beta is in order for Dinesh–he’s such a nerd.

    Stan Gable would have put him in his place a long time ago.

  • Jonna

    A compromised Christian reduced to selling fake Christmas trees. Thankfully Christ has redeemed us.

  • Mike the Geek

    Don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but I seem to recall you expressing the same attitude towards Frank Pavone. Pity he turned out to be innocent – so much wasted venom.

    • chezami

      bullshit. All I said was that Fr. Pavone needed to obey his bishop. When he did, I was satisfied. Because, you know, priests are supposed to obey their bishop. You have borne false witness against me. Repent. Or leave.

      • Mike the Geek

        “Re: Corapi/Pavone and others. There’s no conspiracy. These guys have destroyed themselves>/b>. Nobody’s “taking them out”. They are taking themselves out by various means, but all having to do with pride in the end, expressing itself in different self-destructive ways. ” Mark Shea, September 26, 2011

        • Mike the Geek

          Oops – excessive emphasis in prior comment due to typo after “themselves. You go on in the aforementioned post to complain about those who assume the worst about those who make the accusation. However, in doing so, you assume the worst about the accused. Fr Pavone neither destroyed himself nor wallowed in pride. I can tell the latter because I do it enough myself, and thus know it when I see it.
          The assumption of guilt on the part of the accused is no better than the assumption of malice on the part of the accused.
          And, with respect to the accusations against Mr. D’Souza, might opine that some reasons exist to distrust the impartiality of the current regime.

          • A lot of Pavone’s defenders (and I honestly think initially Pavone himself) were playing the martyr and persecution card. But Pavone wised up, his fans shut up, and the matter got resolved. He wasn’t guilty of any personal impropriety, but certain things he did were certainly not best practices as far as religious orders go, and they were reformed by the Congregation for the Clergy.

            So this isn’t a case of someone being “vindicated” as much as it is he was an obedient son who needed to have some personal things worked out with the way he ran things. He submitted, case closed, lets move on.

  • Bobby

    I need to defend D’Souza on one item in this piece that is just plain false:

    “D’Souza worked with Long on the infamous Dartmouth Review, an edgy conservative newspaper at Dartmouth College known for launching smart young right-wingers to prominence. In 1990, the pair apologized for printing an anti-Semitic quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf in an edition of the publication distributed on Yom Kippur—an antic typical of the Review’s ethos of deliberate provocation.”
    D’Souza and Long issued the apology because they were alumni advisors to the paper; they were not working on the paper when this happened. Also, this was not “deliberate provocation” by the Review, it was an act of sabotage by a disgruntled staff member.

  • John C Wright

    Dinesh D’Souza was put in handcuffs and thrown in jail allegedly for giving more money than legally allowed to a campaign fund, but actually because he made a movie critical of the secular messiah, Obama. You now use ad hominem techniques to make him look like an unsavory man, which is illogical. Even if the most wretched sinner in the world were thrown in jail for making a film critical of the administration, should not all free people rally to his cause? Is this not an abomination, no matter who the man, no matter who the administration?

    • chezami

      Do we know that? Sorry, John, but I see no particular reason to trust the guy and I’ve seen enough wagon circling around dodgy conservative folk heroes over the past decade that I’m not inclined to jump on this guy’s bandwagon till we really know some facts.

    • PunkyAmerica

      Oh, give us a break. Seriously. D’Souza waited until the day of his trial, and then admitted he was guilty of election fraud. Get your het out of your ass.