He’s Baaaaaaack!

He’s Baaaaaaack! January 24, 2014

Adam Shaw, having apparently blown the last 30 pieces of silver he earned from FOX for his brainless hit piece on Francis as “the Catholic Church’s Obama–God Help Us” now returns to plunge his snout into Rupert Murdoch’s hog trough of money for anybody who will prostitute himself to rid his paymaster of this meddlesome priest. The highly qualified video game reviewer obliges with some boiler plate about how mean Francis is for taking seriously all that claptrap about “blessed are the poor” and wrings piteous tears from his twisted hanky as he weeps for the plight of the rich in a Church sees Lazarus and not Dives as the hero of the story.

It is cringeworthy stuff. Just read it, if you have the stomach.

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