An Atheist Father…

An Atheist Father… January 23, 2014

wrestles with the fact that his beloved daughter wants to be a Catholic.

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  • “I know I’m a sceptic, in the true sense of the word. Or shallow. One of the two.”

    If he continues to maintain this kind of honest self-knowledge, he’ll probably end up with his daughter in the Church. Let’s pray for him and his wife.

  • Tom

    The article was interesting because it shows that a sort of wishy-washy, lukewarm belief has been replaced, by and large, by wishy-washy, lukewarm unbelief. Going with the majority of people who don’t care are the core of dogmatic atheists who chastise the insufficiently devoted and moralize about how they need to be committed to the cause of unbelief, complete with referrals to irreligious leaders like Dawkins, who has been Rationally appointed by Science to spread the one true irreligion.

    The complete ignorance of what religion actually claims is a separate matter, and already visible in a microcosm in atheists in America. It seems that as atheism increases, so does the ignorance of what opposes them, which is hardly shocking.

    • gusbovona

      On the other hand, my atheist group has been holding a bible study class for atheists, led by a former seminarian-turned-atheist, very well done academically in my opinion. It taught me a lot I didn’t know about the bible, although my conversion has yet to happen.

      • Tom

        Are you in England in America, or somewhere else entirely?

        • gusbovona

          I’m in the states.

          • Tom

            I meant my comment to apply primarily to England, where the irreligious are far more well-represented than in America. Minority positions tend to be better informed about the majority position than vice versa.

            This applies in philosophy, too, which is mostly atheistic, and a lot of atheist philosophers say some rather ridiculous things about theism (and these are philosophers, not just average Joes!).

  • Diana

    I was impressed with the father’s respect for his young daughter’s conviction, and his willingness to give her what she needs to follow through on it (eg taking her to Sunday Mass, etc.) Good for him, and God bless their family!