Correspondence with a Legionary Hurt by My Call for the Destruction of the Legion

Correspondence with a Legionary Hurt by My Call for the Destruction of the Legion January 8, 2014

He writes:

Just a short note to say that I read your blog about destroy the Legionaries and I thought I would drop you a quick email to ask you to have a cup of coffee with one of them so you can formulate an opinion about these fine men after you meet with one of them. I have been around them since 1996 and I shared my opinions and dissatisfaction with their some of their methods and the ways that they did things.  I would also like to point out the many good things that they did and continue to do. Through them I learned to be a better father and husband and they helped me be a better person.

They are not perfect and have faults but they are trying to improve and reform.  Please encourage them and be kind to them.  I respect your passion and your direct way of speaking because I am cut from the same cloth. I am hurt by your words destroy the Legion, they do not deserve this. If you got to know them, you would really like them.  I have had to refrain from writing emails when I am angry or have a disagreement with someone because I call a spade a spade but I realized that my words hurt people and I cannot do this anymore so the only emails I write are kind emails. That way I stay out of trouble.  Maybe you can try the same thing. It helped me, maybe it can help you.

I’m sure there are many nice and good Legionaries.  Most of them were the victims of a con artist and obviously sought and seek to serve God.  But the robot he built is, I think, unsalvageable and needs to be destroyed because it will continue to use its members as human shields for grave evil since that’s what Maciel built the robot to do.  The members need to be freed from this evil organization and go find something to do in some other apostolate that is ordered toward God and not toward defending its evil founder.  Organizations, like computers, don’t do what we want them to do.  They do what they are designed to do.  The Legionaries were carefully and deliberately designed by an evil monster to facilitate and cover up his monstrous crimes and that organization continues to do what he built it to do, despite the best intentions of the rank and file good folk who joined it for entirely pious reasons and who continue to this day to try to serve Christ with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.  The organization is, in fact, designed to act as a drag on that and diverty all that energy toward defending the ghost of its evil founder.

You sound like a good guy to me.  I hope and trust Christ will bless your desire to serve him.  I urge you to escape that organization and find some other place to live as the disciple of Jesus you obviously desire to be.



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