Don’t Let the Right Wing Noise Machine Stampede You

Don’t Let the Right Wing Noise Machine Stampede You January 24, 2014

The Boys who Cry Wolf are currently ginning up the panic machine because the Holder DOJ is investigating Dinesh D’Souza about violating campaign finance law. D’Souza was the guy behind 2016: Obama’s America, which true believers in the total satanic evilness of Obama regard as divinely inspired prophecy. So it goes without saying that FB is suddenly sprouting with rallies for support of D’Souza from all the normal watering holes of discernment-free credulity for every anti-Obama meme. The DOJ investigation is being uncritically pumped as sure fire evidence of His Evilness’ harrassment of the Servant of God D’Souza which we must all denounce with a 15 Minute Hate.

Now, given IRS harrassment and so forth, it is certainly possible that the DOJ is making life hard for D’Souza as a political enemy. But here’s the thing: given that D’Souza championed “family values” while reportedly having an adulterous tryst while president of an Evangelical school (from which he resigned), I would not instantly bet the farm on his innocence or start the fevered “I Stand with Dinesh!” campaigns just yet.

Remember the Nancy Kerrigan Principle: Just because you are a victim (or are perceived to be a victim because discernment-free conservatives hate Obama’s living guts and want to believe everything he does is pure evil), doesn’t mean you can’t be a jerk too. It *could* just be that the reason D’Souza is being investigated for campaign finance fraud is because there is, you know, evidence he is guilty of campaign finance fraud.

Remember, O Discernment-Free Conservative, when you circled the wagons for Maciel, certain that his accusers were evil? Remember when you went to the mat to defend Euteneuer from those crazy accusations by that mean woman–until he told you he did what she accused him of? Remember how you joined in with this hard-hitting investigative journalist in being totally and completely wrong about the corrupt charlatan Corapi and helped to pelt good bishop Mulvey with virtual mud for doing exactly what he should have done?

Then learn at long last not to be stampeded by demagogues and noise machines merely because somebody you despise has had a 15 Minute Hate declared against him by some tribal elder with a keyboard. Wait for facts to emerge. Could be that D’Souza’s innocent as the driven snow. But then again, it could be that he’s a gifted grifter who, having reportedly screwed his famly, his mistress and King’s College, now means to screw you by using the Right Wing Noise Machine to fly cover for him. For the love of God (literally), learn some elementary discernment and prudence and stop being stampeded.

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