Don’t Let the Right Wing Noise Machine Stampede You

Don’t Let the Right Wing Noise Machine Stampede You January 24, 2014

The Boys who Cry Wolf are currently ginning up the panic machine because the Holder DOJ is investigating Dinesh D’Souza about violating campaign finance law. D’Souza was the guy behind 2016: Obama’s America, which true believers in the total satanic evilness of Obama regard as divinely inspired prophecy. So it goes without saying that FB is suddenly sprouting with rallies for support of D’Souza from all the normal watering holes of discernment-free credulity for every anti-Obama meme. The DOJ investigation is being uncritically pumped as sure fire evidence of His Evilness’ harrassment of the Servant of God D’Souza which we must all denounce with a 15 Minute Hate.

Now, given IRS harrassment and so forth, it is certainly possible that the DOJ is making life hard for D’Souza as a political enemy. But here’s the thing: given that D’Souza championed “family values” while reportedly having an adulterous tryst while president of an Evangelical school (from which he resigned), I would not instantly bet the farm on his innocence or start the fevered “I Stand with Dinesh!” campaigns just yet.

Remember the Nancy Kerrigan Principle: Just because you are a victim (or are perceived to be a victim because discernment-free conservatives hate Obama’s living guts and want to believe everything he does is pure evil), doesn’t mean you can’t be a jerk too. It *could* just be that the reason D’Souza is being investigated for campaign finance fraud is because there is, you know, evidence he is guilty of campaign finance fraud.

Remember, O Discernment-Free Conservative, when you circled the wagons for Maciel, certain that his accusers were evil? Remember when you went to the mat to defend Euteneuer from those crazy accusations by that mean woman–until he told you he did what she accused him of? Remember how you joined in with this hard-hitting investigative journalist in being totally and completely wrong about the corrupt charlatan Corapi and helped to pelt good bishop Mulvey with virtual mud for doing exactly what he should have done?

Then learn at long last not to be stampeded by demagogues and noise machines merely because somebody you despise has had a 15 Minute Hate declared against him by some tribal elder with a keyboard. Wait for facts to emerge. Could be that D’Souza’s innocent as the driven snow. But then again, it could be that he’s a gifted grifter who, having reportedly screwed his famly, his mistress and King’s College, now means to screw you by using the Right Wing Noise Machine to fly cover for him. For the love of God (literally), learn some elementary discernment and prudence and stop being stampeded.

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  • Joe Stocks

    For me it’s not an issue of defending D’Sousa but of showing how incredibly lame campaign finance laws are. If the charges are true then it looks like Dinesh gave more money than the law allows to a candidate (the NY GOP Senate candidate) that lost by 45 percentage points!!! I think this goes to show the efficacy of campaign finance laws leaves a lot to be desired.


    • jaybird1951

      The article I read about the indictment mentioned that D’Souza donated the money on behalf of a group of people who had contributed. Maybe he assumed that the limit had not been exceeded because a number of others were sharing in it. Just a guess. Mark’s rhetoric on the other hand, is getting to be too much and so cliche ridden. He must have a list of insulting terms he can pull up to salt the text. First he attacks conservatives coming to Dinesh’s defense and then connects them to Maciel and Corapi of all people. I bet that the overwhelming majority of people taking D’Souza’s side have no idea who those two even are.

      • chezami

        I pick those three examples because I’m addressing Catholic conservatives. I could give many other examples of conservatives embracing and enthusiastically backing massive and obviously bad people and ideas or opposing massively and obviously good ones. The last years ongoing campaign to attack pope Francis while regarding every rumor and ipsi dixit from the mouth of Michael Voris is one example. The obviously stupid decade long campaign to justify torture and unjust war is another. The incredible credulity of Romney supporters who lied to themselves about his “prolife conversion” is yet another. The mind-boggling stupidity of the attempt to declare enemy of God Ayn Rand some kind of reliable guide to forming a Catholic social doctrine is yet another. Blind credulity popping up on FB about the certain innocence of D’Souza is but the latest in a long string of massively unprudential judgment by a subculture that supposes prudential judgement is the all-excusing rubric for ignoring the Church on any subject inconvenient to its dogmas.

        • Pavel Chichikov

          Don’t be political – conservative or liberal. Be Catholic.

          • Billy Bagbom

            Well put. I have often agreed with your postings, and never more than now.

        • Bobby Lawndale

          Honest question: which conservatives attempted to declare Ayn Rand to be a reliable guide to forming a Catholic social doctrine? Any I might have heard of?

        • Billy Bagbom

          Like you, Mark, I want to uphold the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church. (Unlike you, I suck at it, but that’s what I’d like to do.) And like you, I am (beginning to) understand that Catholic teaching does not absolutely coincide with the Republican or even Libertarian agenda. It seems to have many more weighty points in common with our friends on the Right than with our friends on the Left. But our Leftist friends are also correct about twice a day. The point is, thank you for keeping me honest.

  • kirthigdon

    D’Sousa has been indicted, not merely investigated. Campaign finance laws are extremely technical and are probably violated all the time. I was once campaign finance chairman for a friend who was running for city council (he lost) in a very minor, if wealthy, California municipality. I was astounded at the thicket I had wandered into and eventually signed off on data which may or may not have been true; I just had to take other people’s word. Happily no one cared. I supect that most of the purpose of campaign finance law, like the IRS code, is to be able to “get” people the regime really wants to get for other reasons.
    Kirt Higdon

  • Julie

    I don’t trust Dinesh D’Souza after he was on EWTN with Raymond Arroyo and a woman called in and said she’d heard that D’Souza had left the Catholic Church and become an evangelical protestant. He denied it, noting his uncle is a cardinal and saying in part, “Catholic here.” And it turns out he was lying. And yes, the adultery thing, of course. Jerk.

    • Billy Bagbom

      I wouldn’t buy a used car from Dinesh D’Souza.

  • JasperBuck

    Who knows, D’Sousa may be guilty. But what scares us hayseed, self-absorbed, Promethean Neopelagians (or at least what should scare us) is the vicious and targeted prosecution and persecution of conservatives that goes on in the media, the Courts, our workplaces, our schools… e.g. Gov. Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio. It’s going to get very ugly, folks.

    • HornOrSilk

      But all the vicious, targeted prosecution and persecution of “liberals” is fine…

      • tofubamboo

        so just who is persecuting liberals, pray tell?

        • HornOrSilk

          Seriously? Look to the lie-for-prosecution work of people like O’Keefe, seeking to bring down the liberals, and all the conservatives doing all they can to support this crap. I mean, many things he goes against might be bad, but, he lies to get in, and misrepresents what he gets. Breitbart was another liar of this kind, who would go against “liberals.” There are other favorite darlings like Sheriff Joe.. who is very big in using his “authority” for all kinds of political bs

          • Benjamin2.0

            “I mean, many things he goes against might be bad, but, he lies to get in, and misrepresents what he gets.”
            Are you decrying an individual or politics in general?
            Seriously, though: This stuff is individual scale, deceptive, investigative journalism. The thing to which you are comparing it is a unified media blockade and clear abuse of taxpayer-funded institutions. If you don’t want to call that a difference in kind, I think men of good will can disagree. “Difference of degree” seems to lack a certain sense of the scope, though. Perhaps we can give it a massive exponent:

            • HornOrSilk

              O’Keefe and those he engages try to turn people in to the courts –with many people losing jobs due to their lies. And there is Joe…

              • Benjamin2.0

                I’m still hearing no reply regarding the difference of degree. The wholesale treatment of conservatives by the media (“with many people losing jobs due to their lies”) and IRS is the very same as the treatment of your individual of Progressives. That an individual Republican or two exists who is as bad as the Democrat political machine as a whole becomes a terrible smokescreen for the actions of the DNC when even a moment’s criticism is applied. While the lack of integrity exists on the individual level (albeit widespread and in various forms) on the one hand, it’s a systematic action on the other.

                • HornOrSilk

                  The treatment of the “conservatives” by the IRS was done by the conservatives themselves (see Issa). It’s often the case the accusation of “conservatives are being targeted” are done with the ignorance of who did it (see Issa again). And it is the “conservatives are targeted” stand which is had whenever any conservative who does bad is penalized for doing bad: stop crying wolf

                  • Benjamin2.0

                    The disproof of one example does little to sway the whole argument unless the wholesale media targeting of conservative viewpoints is of conservative origin as well. Furthermore, your disproof is a bit brief. “See Issa” only directs me to a single Republican from California and chairman of the House oversight committee rather than any scandal-smashing discoveries thereof.

                    And it is the “conservatives are targeted” stand which is had whenever any conservative who does bad is penalized for doing bad: stop crying wolf

                    And it is the citation of false accusations which forms the excuse for the dismissal of all undesired accusations. Stop crying wolf, yourself. Criminals ought to be jailed regardless of their affiliations or the mere existence of past red herrings. That witnesses have lied in the past is no ground for dismissing all testimony of future witnesses. Your reasoning is slipshod.

                    • HornOrSilk

                      Well, if you read the thread, you would see ISSA is the one who promoted the IRS persecution of “conservative groups” all the while trying to make it seem like liberal persecution. Again, you have not demonstrated that it is an all out “liberal persecution” when you show a conservative doing bad is punished. You are just whining in ignorance

                    • Benjamin2.0

                      ISSA is the one who promoted the IRS persecution of “conservative groups”

                      I think that this point rests on the testimony of one unnamed individual may account for the fact that it hasn’t been discussed in the context of the scandal since June of last year, present company excepted. I choose to forgive my forgetfulness.

                      Again, you have not demonstrated that it is an all out “liberal persecution” when you show a conservative doing bad is punished. You are just whining in ignorance

                      For someone who rests his case so precariously and hasn’t provided an example for “doing bad” in the context of this discussion, you talk a big game. Also, I could fire your dismissal with equal verisimilitude at your criticisms of the tactics of O’Keefe, but that would betray my convictions even if it demonstrated your double-standard. That the pro-life position, for instance, is treated unevenhandedly by media in general is a point in need of no introduction. There’s a demonstration. Finding me a pro-choice article which even mentions the life of the child would be a heroic feat. Finding one which treats the argument from that position remotely seriously would be impossible. I’ve heard it said that conservatives think progressives are good people with bad ideas and that progressives think conservatives are bad people. True or not, I see this as plausible given how each treats the other’s arguments. You can no doubt find individual counterexamples, but, as I said, the problem is individual in one case and systemic in the other.

          • The Deuce

            I don’t pay taxes to James O’ Keefe.

            It’s very telling that the single thing you can come up with to “balance” Obama’s selective enforcement of the law and his widespread abuse of government power to crush political dissent is a lone citizen being dishonest with organizations that are themselves dishonest in order to expose them.

            • HornOrSilk

              It’s very telling that you ignore others I’ve mentioned beyond one person… says enough.

      • JasperBuck

        I’m sorry. I don’t read Media Matters. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Other than Jon Corzine, Charlie Rangel, Bob Menendez, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer about whom are you talking?

        • HornOrSilk

          What his this to do with media matters? Just look to good ole Joe in Arizona. He’s a prime example. But you can find prosecution happening in many states under the GOP. There is a lot going on under Scott Walker, for example. We haven’t even begun to discuss things like Chris Christie and bridges…

          It’s amazing that people think it is only one-sided. It’s politics, both sides do it. However, it is also easy to yell “politics” as a defense for one’s wrong-doing. What a great defense. If you steal, just tell everyone your words against Obama is why you are in jail. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

          • InsaneSanity

            That fact that you can’t the difference between what O”keefe does and what the Obama Adminstration tells me you have issues with apples and ornages.

            • InsaneSanity

              “…what the Obama Administration does…” & “oranges”! Typing way too fast.

  • JoMama

    It’s difficult for me to take the DOJ seriously…. their own scandals are numerous, and Eric Holder really has very little if no credibility left. Where is the justice for the Department of Justice?

  • Dave

    I know that locally here, 4 people joined together and founded a new Catholic high school just a couple of years ago. 3 of 4 of them were audited within a month or two of doing this. I’m sure it would have been 4 of 4 but they didn’t want to make it “too” obvious.

    • HornOrSilk

      This has what to do with “liberals”?

      • Dave

        Well, other than the fact that liberals run the executive branch, and have already been caught in a scandal of selectively auditing conservative persons and organizations, I guess nothing.

        • HornOrSilk

          Catholic high school would be something that is, you know, a local state issue, and often local states are run by the GOP? Again, just because Obama is president doesn’t mean everything is done by him.

          Oh, and you forget to look at how may of the “selective audits” often were first put forward by the GOP themselves…

          • Dave

            Audits are done by the IRS, which as far as I know, are at a federal level. Surely you are not suggesting that it was a strange coincidence that 3 out of 4 of them were audited just months after founding a new Catholic high school.

            • HornOrSilk

              Well, again, could it be they did something to be audited, and perhaps reported by local authorities to, suggesting something was wrong in the formation of the schools? You are assuming way too much with a post hoc ergo propter hoc, with the kind if illogical ideology that polemics force on politics

          • Dave

            Why do you think the GOP being stupid and evil justifies the Dems being stupid and evil? A pox on both their houses, though I hate the Dems more because of their adoration of abortion and other gravely immoral actions.

  • quasimodo

    …while the DOJ ignores the Messiah’s solicitation of funds from overseas …

    it’s the double standard & hypocracy that drives us right-wing-extremists™ up the wall, not the prosecution of D’Souza

    • InsaneSanity


  • Alexander S Anderson

    If anything I need to be reminded to be fair to Dinesh, as the man has always made me ill at ease.

  • Eric

    Hey Mark,
    In light of this, I was wondering if you noticed the latest hit piece on Pope Francis from Fox News. The author is a self-identified Catholic, too…

  • The idea that the DoJ has a zero tolerance policy for campaign finance illegalities is comical. I didn’t need to go beyond the prosecutor’s press release to realize this is a setup job.

    • Bobby Lawndale

      Yep. Executive summary: Guy drives 60 in a 55 and is pinched by a cop who disagrees with his bumper sticker, Guy’s buddies cry “setup job,” and Mark Shea bellows that he had it coming because he’s a hypocrite anyway. The buddies are right that it was a setup job. Mark’s right that guy is a hypocrite. Whether you think he therefore had it coming says a lot about both your thinking ability and your moral compass.

      • You missed a few relevant points.

        1. the cop claims he always pulls over 5mph over the limit speeders when he doesn’t.

        2. the case is moved to criminal court and the charges hold jail time instead of the usual speeding ticket

        Hypocrisy is not criminally punishable and bad men and jerks getting railroaded is a problem for us all.

        A man for all seasons is relevant here I think

        • Bobby Lawndale

          Didn’t miss those points at all. They were implicit in my post. Hypocrisy is tribute vice pays to virtue. The world is composed of two types of people: hypocrites and psychopaths. The worst form of the former are those that constantly scream “hypocrite.” So yes, we are in violent agreement, I think.

          • Bobby Lawndale

            My initial post would have been clearer if the last sentence had included “one” and “one’s” instead of “you” and “your.” I regret the sloppiness.

            • As the author of plenty of corrections regretting my own sloppiness, think nothing of it.

          • Yes, I think we are.

            Happy dance

  • Bobby Lawndale

    It seems to me that perpetuating the lie that Nancy Kerrigan somehow behaved like a jerk after she was victimized is kind of a jerky thing to do. Just sayin’.

  • Billy Bagbom

    Mark, there is a reason I return to your blog again and again. I just haven’t figured out what it is. (JK!) No — THIS is the reason — or, rather, stuff like this is the reason. You refuse to sell out, and you do everything in your power to keep your loyal readers from selling out. And for that, I am your mindless minion forever!

  • gusbovona

    Mark, as an atheist I greatly appreciate your keeping open the possibility of a critique of a Christian. Blind obedience to one’s position (I almost wrote “blind faith” – hah!) would require a Christian to support a Christian regardless, and an atheist to support an atheist regardless, but in this case, you have declined that easy path. Kudos. Let the facts about Dinesh speak for themselves.