I can only hope and pray that Church Militant Interviews This Man Next

I can only hope and pray that Church Militant Interviews This Man Next January 20, 2014

Of course, he does appear to believe in a rotating earth, so he’s not as solidly orthodox as the producers of “The Principle” who deny the earth rotates (as all Real Catholics[TM] should). But still, he seems to be a promising candidate for some sort of advisory position on Real Catholic[TM] Science that Church Militant should interview regularly when somebody starts quoting liberal scientists trying to teach our kids garbage like “gravity” and “the age of the universe” and the supposed non-existence of unicorns.

At any rate, if you care about the human race not descending into cannibalism, I think simple human decency requires you to watch this, believe, and then act accordingly by *not* descending into cannibalism. Unless you are stupid and evil.

"Its eer -waarde, ''worthy of honor''."

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Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It
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Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It

Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    But he must be right! He presented to MIT students!

  • HornOrSilk

    Just wait. Scientists have discovered airplanes fly in the sky, proving the theory of gravity is a modernist hoax!

  • Steve

    This is just kind of sad. Gene Ray is known to be a schizophrenic. I hope he gets treatment, even though he probably won’t.

    • Stu

      While it was amusing, my thought in seeing Mr. Ray was exactly that concerning his mental faculties. Kind of puts a different light on it.

      • It does. Much sadder than my speculation that he was putting us all on.

  • LSpinelli


    – My 12 yo daughter after watching the trailer for “The Principle”.

  • The Deuce

    Have you ever seen Gene Ray’s website? I first ran across it in college, about 15 years ago. It’s something special, that’s for sure: http://timecube.com/

    • Bob_the_other

      Help. Head hurts. Grammar. I need grammar.

  • Ty Templeton

    Now, Fr. Paul Nicholson is praising The Principle! Holy Cows!


  • Elmwood

    sounds air tight to me; four sides: front, back, top and bottom.

  • Chesire11


    At his closest approach to coherence, it sounded as though he was confusing relative positions with distinct experiences of time, which in a sense is perfectly valid – though it would mean not four, but an infinite number of coincident experiences of time. That does not, however, constitute either the fracturing, or overlaying of time…whatever the heck that would look like!