Meanwhile, in the Thing that Used to Be Liberalism…

Meanwhile, in the Thing that Used to Be Liberalism… January 30, 2014

MSNBC: Conservatives 'hate' biracial CHEERIOS...
FLASHBACK: MSNBC host, panel ridicule Romney's black grandchild...

Seriously, does anybody (outside the lunatics of the Dark Enlightenment post-Christian conservative racialists and MSNBC lefty racialists) even notice biracial anything anymore? Who gives a rip if Cheerios does some bi-racial ad?

"I just have to say that what you wrote sounds creepy."

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  • CJ

    “does anybody (outside the lunatics of the Dark Enlightenment post-Christian conservative racialists and MSNBC lefty racialists) even notice biracial anything anymore?”
    Yes. Yes they do. I wonder if being from the Pacific NW insulates you from some of it. I have several white friends originally from that area who are utterly confounded by how racially charged things are in the Midwest.

    • Even here in Queens, supposedly the most diverse place on the planet, my white friend lost an apartment she was about to rent when the building manager met her black husband.

      • chezami

        I live a sheltered life.

      • Phoebe

        I live in Queens too. I’m curious: have you heard about similar things happening with other interracial couples? Say, with White-Hispanic or White-Asian pairings? Or is just Blacks that face that level of discrimination?

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          It probably depends on the area. My husband and I faced some nastiness in Texas when we became engaged, from Hispanics, not whites. People even tried to tell my husband that marrying me was sinful because the Old Testament tells the Hebrews not to marry women of a different tribe. We also learned that white women are dirty, are horrible housekeepers, and hate children.

        • I suspect blacks face the most discrimination, because it’s the most “obvious” (no one ever pegs me as a Latina, for example, unless they know my last name).

          I think, too, there is a hierarchy of race/ethnicity most people are subjected to wittingly or unwittingly, and which changes by area and community. In Boston, for example, the WASPy types looked down on the Irish, who looked down on Latinos. In D.C. I found that there was a much greater awareness of race issues with regard to blacks and whites, but Latinos were barely on the radar. Here in Queens, rumor had it that some schools greatly preferred Asian kids above all others, because they were quiet and obedient. These are all gross generalizations, of course.

  • PalaceGuard

    I saw the original commercial, and thought it was cute (all due deference, of course, to the Cuteness!).

  • Stu

    I have no problem with ad. I’m in a mixed marriage.

    But it does come across as a bit contrived. Can we just have cereal ads without any attempts at social commentary one way or another?

    • What would that look like, though? What could Cheerios have done to make it less contrived? The commercial itself makes no comment on the couple. If the mere presence of an interracial couple is too much social commentary, then we have a long way to go.

      • Stu

        Well, it would look less contrived.

        I’m cynical of marketing and advertising in general.

  • MitchellJ

    For real.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Well, the MSNBC tweet said, “Maybe the rightwing will hate it… .” The tweet never referred to the GOP. Is the GOP–everyone in it–now a part of a right wing organization?

    As for some people in the GOP, Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.), invited Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson to the State of the Union Speech. That isn’t defending his right to free speech, that’s embracing his (racist) comments.

    • chad

      This is not the Robertson you are looking for.

    • Dave G.

      Did Willie Robertson make racist comments? I missed that story.

    • tt

      No matter which Robertson it was, I don’t even want to imagine the GOP/Fox News outrage that would still be going on if had been the President or a Democratic member of Congress that brought a reality television star to the SOTU.

      • Dave G.

        Probably depend on who the reality star was. But that’s what pundits do. I still tell my kids about the time, long before cable news was popular, when Reagan took office. There was a segment on the evening news. It dealt with the concern dentists and doctors had because of Reagan having jellybeans on his desk in the Oval Office. What kind of example was that to kids! Really. Back when every second of the news was gold, an entire segment dealing with the outrage over the Great Reagan Jelly Bean Crisis of 1981. Times don’t change as much as we’d like to think.

      • wlinden

        I am glad to be warned that inviting someone somewhere constitutes an endorsement of everything he has ever said or done. My dinner list just got a lot shorter.

        • tt

          Wow…not sure where you got that as I said NOTHING about the stupid show or the people on it. I just find it interesting that the Right, so obsessed with the decorum of government that they spent 8 years bragging about Bush’s tie-wearing, would have jumped on the Democrats as being shallow and beholden to celebrity culture if they had been the ones mobbing someone from a reality show at the SOTU.

    • Rosemarie


      You are aware that Willie Robertson and his wife have two adopted children, one from Taiwan and one who is biracial, right?

    • jaybird1951

      I think that for the MSNBC crowd, right wing is synonymous with conservative and by extension, every Republican except the couple acceptable to the Left.

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      ” That isn’t defending his right to free speech, that’s embracing his (racist) comments.”
      I don’t know. Seems like a politician courting votes in a land of bread and circuses. Nothing more.

  • BHG

    Everyone notices, I think, just as everyone notices a sunny day. The question is, does it matter in any significant, negative way? To an increasing number of people, the answer is no. And that is the beauty of it all.

  • Andy

    Actually the tweet said right-wing – is the GOP the right-wing? If so then be honest and say so.

  • Bobby Lawndale

    Yesterday, after viewing the commercial during the game, I mentioned to my wife, a conservative of longstanding, that as a conservative she was presumably discomforted by the commercial. She gave me a confused look and said, “What, are conservatives not supposed to like puppies?” She was dead serious. I had to explain the issue to her.
    Part of the problem is that the ever shrinking segmant of white Americans that is racist self-identifies as “conservative,” much to the embarrassment and annoyance to the vast majority of conservatives; and the left dishonestly uses that fact in order to masturbate its misguided sense of moral superiority.

  • kfreed

    Dark Enlightenment;

    Basically, it’s a bunch of right-wing “libertarian” tech geek white supremacists playing Sith Lord on the Internet, whining about how democracy sucks and why can’t we just go back to a 14th Century feudal system when everybody was free (and of course, it involves the usual suspects):

    “The latest idea making the rounds of the fringes of the Libertarian Right” [obviously]:

    “”Neo-Reactionaries” drop all pretense: End democracy and bring back lords!”

    Who the hell else would come up with convoluted reasoning like this:

    Dark Enlightenment, Creepy Internet Movement:

    And who else but known racist John Derbyshire (fired from
    the far right publication National Review after much public blow back for his
    racist screeds) would put up a post prodding the folks at VDARE in the
    direction of DE?

    You know, VDARE, the white supremacist group the Tea Party
    invited to the Republican Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to
    lecture on the evils of multiculturalism:

    The wingnuts are so incredibly predictable. “The “Dark Enlightenment” is New
    Right Lite™”: