Now and then the Onion even challenges its own smug assumptions

Now and then the Onion even challenges its own smug assumptions January 13, 2014

Local Church Full Of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week

Still waiting for Peter Singer to hug a profoundly disfigured man instead of making a mint off books recommending he be killed. I’ll take the brainwashed idiots who roll up their sleeves and help in the name of Jesus Christ over the intellect-worshipping Reddit atheists who do nothing but bark “There is no God” any day.

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  • KM

    What I liked about that Onion piece was that it tapped right into the current Ayn-Randian-Social-Darwinism-Mammonist zeitgeist which is: Those who help the poor must be idiots and losers too because everyone knows that the poor are undeserving, lazy, mooching, idiot losers.

    • Elmwood

      I think what most “fiscal conservatives” would say is that the poor shouldn’t be helped by the state or through regulation or wealth distribution, but by the free and charitable acts of the “wealth makers”.

      • Which is another way of saying, “There’s no such thing as justice, here in Econlandia.”

  • Alexander S Anderson

    And, on the other side, we have this piece from Salon:

    My favorite part? Atheists apparently have to “assert” their rationality, presumably because they can’t demonstrate it. Close second: Saying grace before meals must be resisted in the most dickish way possible. You know, for the children.