On Richard Sherman, Seahawks Public Relations Professional

On Richard Sherman, Seahawks Public Relations Professional January 20, 2014

Say what you will about the tenets of National Shermanism, at least it’s an *ethos*!

Look, we don’t need Sherman to introduce Masterpiece Theatre, comment on the works of Plato, or summarize Proust. We just need him to kick the clenched, fearful little butts of the Broncos as they scamper away like adorable, tiny eohippi. This he will do, treading our foes like grass as Seattle does bestride the world like a mighty Colossus!

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  • Dave

    The problem is that the Broncos have a stable full of good receivers, and Sherman can only defend one of them. It should be a good game, and due to my stint living in the Seattle area, I’m cheering for a Seahawks win…though guys like Sherman make me wonder if I should reconsider.

    • Bill

      I thought he was hysterical and brutally honest.

      • Dave

        Hysterical? If you think roid rage is hysterical, perhaps so. I’d say “scary” and “unhinged” would be more appropriate adjectives.

        So, it seems that Sherman was enraged that Crabtree apparently questioned how great he was? Wow…

        • Bill

          It’s football. Your arguing about an environment that is an equivalent of a car crash on nearly every single play. Your whole argument is a straw man.

          He wasn’t scary, nor unhinged. He was a passionate football player who was excited about the moment, and was correcting a slight that Crabtree had made.

          • Dave

            Seahawks fan, I presume?

        • introvert_prof

          Actually, no. Sherman was calling out a lot of people — sportswriters who think Crabtree is All That, Kaepernick for daring to throw in his direction (only the second time in the entire game), and Crabtree for being an insufferable jerk. They have history.

          BTW, I’m a Vikings fan. Cue the jokes, but since Hell (Michigan) is frozen over, can a Viking Super Bowl victory be far behind?

    • Dave G.

      But don’t forget Wilson. There are more than one on that team, as my oldest keeps reminding me. But then there’s Manning. So what do you do?

  • ctd

    I must really be out-of-touch. I thought you were writing about the composer Richard Sherman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_M._Sherman

    • No, he’s talking about the Richard Sherman who graduated from Stanford with a degree in communications.

      This guy is presenting an image. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I don’t agree with his strategy, but he is anything but unhinged.

      • Dave

        If he’s actually intelligent, and chooses to portray himself as a narcissistic roided-up jerk with an IQ around 75…I don’t even know what to say about that.

        • Liam

          Sounds like you’re letting him get under your skin… He must not be very intelligent.

          • Dave

            LOL. Why do you say he is getting under my skin? I’m just describing the way he was acting. I really doubt Peyton Manning is going to be worried about it.

  • Fr. RP

    Every team has their version of the Village Idiot, and that award clearly belongs to Richard Sherman. Seattle has got great “D” but not much “O”, while Denver has got good “D” and great “O.” It will be hard to play a ground game when your down by 20 at half time…especially if Welker gets Sherman in his sights… 😉

  • Michael in ArchDen

    Mark, your congenital disinterest in all things sport is cute. You choosing to make statements about sport topics despite your lack of interest/knowledge is less so.

    Having said that, I’m glad this game is at a neutral site, and not at Qwest Field. And i hope Manning is humble enough to throw to whatever receivers aren’t being covered by Mr. Sherman. Not only is he a great CB, but (despite the inference in this post) also a pretty bright guy.



    • Dave G.

      I’ve enjoyed Mark stepping in and cheering his team. It’s nice. Even if I’m a bit partial to Manning.

  • Jakeithus

    He may be a dick, but if choosing a DB that I want on my team, I want someone with exactly that attitude. Now, I’m not saying that someone always has to be so vocal about it, but at least with someone like Sherman there is no confusion on where he stands (plus, when the guy is vocal you know he’s going to get under the skin of the opposing player, and it’s tough to figure out how important that is to the type of game he plays).

    Plus, I find the man just straight up fun, which as a spectator is really the most important. As soon as I saw the tipped pass, I said to myself “I hope that was Sherman”, because if it was the hatred between him and SF would lead to an entertaining story and comments.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      but if choosing a DB that I want on my team,

      Heh. He sure acts like a DB.

      • Jakeithus

        Hey-oh! Good catch.

  • fats

    to me, just another person without grace ( not THE Grace, but the grace that comes from being kind regardless of religion or Faith)

  • Adolfo

    I’m guessing it’s the PEDs causing a testosterone spike.

  • James

    I loved it.

    I’m sure Crabtree and Sherman were talking trash the entire game and in the end, Sherman won.

    Plus as a cornerback, being a little unhinged only helps your image.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    The NFL has experienced a ratings spike in the past decade-plus, including increases across many demographics (most noticeably among women, actually).

    This number-high will not be destroyed by the “wussified rules” that Manly Men Who Sit on the Couch seem to think.

    It will be destroyed by the likes of Richard Sherman if this becomes the norm instead of an aberration.

    • “Manly Men Who Sit on the Couch” made me laugh. It’s a perfect description for a certain kind of man.

      And Mark, I had no idea you were a football fan.

      • chezami

        I’m not. I just enjoy the chance to talk outrageously outsized smack on behalf of my extremely polite and PC town.

  • FrankieBeanPie

    Yes, yes he did.

  • Oh how lucky. San Fran had taken over the game and if it wasn’t for the tip of that pass (the tip was skill) falling right into Malcom Smith’s hands (that was lucky) San Fran would have won. I don’t see Seattle beating Denver.
    By the way, some people are calling it the Pot Bowl. Colorado and Washington are the two states with legalized pot.

    • sjay1956

      The first real “Bud Bowl” is how I’ve heard it described.

      • I expect to see many epic Doritos commercials.

  • Dbom

    LOB baby!

    Go HAWKS!