Two Days Till the March for Life!

Two Days Till the March for Life! January 20, 2014

Arouse the media from their ideology-induced slumber!

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  • Raymond

    Surely Fox News will be covering this event.

  • Rachel K

    I love when they have the excuse that they don’t cover it because it happens every year, so it isn’t news. That might be a legitimate excuse for national outlets, but for the Washington Post, it’s a major local event that snarls traffic and floods the Mall every year. Any other event this big would get at least an annual human interest story (the National Book Festival always gets coverage despite being an annual event, for instance), and the Capital Weather Gang would spare at least a sentence or two for how tomorrow’s anticipated snowstorm will affect the March. Instead, crickets.

    Even on years when there are major news angles available, they don’t report. I remember fuming in the GetReligion comboxes in 2012 because there were Ron Paul and Rick Santorum signs everywhere you looked, but not a Mitt Romney sign in sight, which conveyed pretty clearly that he wasn’t doing a great job of convincing social conservatives that he was on our side. You’d think that would get some coverage. Instead . . . you guessed it . . . crickets.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I wish people would leave all political signs at home and focus on the issue that unites them at the March.

      • dasrach

        Agreed. More of a comment on the fact that there actually was plenty of stuff there that reporters claim to care about, and they still didn’t show up. (This is still Rachel K; I just rediscovered that I already had a Disqus account.)

  • Unless the snowstorm coming to the east coast really dumps on us, I’m going to make it to DC for the first time. I couldn’t get a bus ride, so I’m driving it myself.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      I hope you do, and that the weather holds off for it.

      • Thanks. Weather reports keep getting worse. I would imagine the highways will be ok by morning. I’ll have to assess at time of departure.

  • Elmwood

    How can anyone honestly say abortion isn’t a wound in our society? It still polarizes our political world and draws hundreds of thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators every year. If Cuomo and the culture of death think we will just shut up an go away they are sorely mistaken.