Reader Bill Mild writes…

Reader Bill Mild writes… January 11, 2014

Over the past 3 years, I put in about 200 hours of website development time into  My idea was to document the March For Life each year in order to expose the absurdity of the media coverage each year.  I created the ability to upload photos, youtube links, and news article links for anyone who goes on any of the Marches for Life around the country.  I was hoping that some other individuals would catch onto my idea and contribute some content, but so far, over the past 3 years, only one or two people have helped me.  Most of the images came from me e-mailing around and asking others for permission to put their images on my site, which they granted and I’m grateful for the permissions, but I took my time to add the content.

I am now leaving the website development field to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and this is the last year I will support this website unless there is more interest from the Pro Life community and this site becomes a little more self-sufficient.  Please take a look at and consider uploading your photos, youtube vidoes, and news links for March for Life 2014.

Feel free to contact me via my website contact page at  with any questions or concerns.

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