Extremely Yummy Work of Mercy

Extremely Yummy Work of Mercy January 11, 2014

A reader writes:

This Catholic family is making the transition to full-time farming. (They have been developing the farm while the dad – a deacon – has been working a town job, but his company is closing down.) If people pre-order enough maple and/or birch syrup from them, they can raise the funds to buy used sugaring equipment that has become available near their farm. They are really living the Distributist life.

Come on.  You know you want *real* maple syrup!  Everybody wants real maple syrup.  Go ahead.  Get the real syrup! MMMMMMMMM…. delicious syrup…….  Plus, it has the extra delicious taste of virtue, charity, and mercy!  Taste the physical *and* spiritual goodness! Yum!

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