Shroud of Turin Dated…

Shroud of Turin Dated… January 7, 2014

to the time of Christ.  That’s because  it is the face of Christ, imprinted on the shroud in which he was buried.  The atheism of the gaps loves to come up with ways to try to avoid this, but in fact, there is a) a reasonable account for how it could have been formed (though I don’t leave out the possibility that it is just flat miraculous) and a perfectly reasonable account of how it got from Jerusalem on Easter morning to France in the 1340s.

For some, the notion that there is a naturalistic explanation for the Shroud deprives it of a divine origin.  Me: I find myself thinking, “Out of all the millions of people who have lived and died, it seems like more than luck that only Jesus of Nazareth should have his image preserved.”

And I can’t help but think that atheists of the gaps sense rather the same connection, since they spend so much time attempting the hopeless task of writing it off as what it obviously is not: a “medieval forgery”.

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