True Dat

True Dat January 6, 2014

“If tone-deafness were impeachable, Holder would be gone just for going to court against the *Little Sisters of the Poor.* You could not make up worse optics than this. Unless there was a group called “Orphans Who Help Lost Kittens and Puppies.” – Ed Ahlsen-Girard

It’s not on them (or us) to have to prove they have a right not to be forced to buy somebody’s condom and pay for somebody’s abortion.  It’s on the state to demonstrate that they have some duty to do so.  Our rights come from God, not the generosity of Barack Obama.  The quiet, implacable malice this Administration has for the Catholic Church is its most insidious quality.  God defend the Little Sisters of the Poor as he casts down the mighty in their arrogance and lifts up the lowly.  Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for them and for your children here in the US.

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