Femen February 5, 2014

Setting the cause of feminism back a thousand years.

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  • Long live the fighters!
    Oh wait. I just read the article. They’re not at all what I was thinking of.

  • Rebecca Fuentes


  • I think I know how to stop femen.

    Point out that their protests are basically just pornography, and watch their heads explode.

    • Not if they are from the pro-pornography wing of feminism.

    • Mary E.

      Oh, they’ve already heard that. It makes no difference because they’re using the tropes of pornography to expose the power-structure that creates the conditions for pornography, or whatever . . . What I’m wondering about is whether Femen’s protests have ever accomplished a goal other than attracting attention to Femen.

  • freddy

    Dear “femen”:
    Women pity you for your lame attempt at combining wrath with self-absorbed victimhood and insecurity. Also, your behavior is not shocking, it’s tiresome.
    Men are just looking at your chests. And not reading.

    • Varenius

      Yep, it’s just free boobage. And here I thought feminists were against “objectification”…

      • D.T. McCameron

        I sometimes wonder if Putin’s strategy of just leering is the proper way of dealing with such stupidity.
        I tend to doubt it.

      • MitchellJ

        Okay, gotta say that is a disgusting take on what femen is doing.

        Now about femen, I think that the lot of them are grade a wackos. But, I do think a discussion of their primary means of protest, i.e. topless protesting is interesting. The idea of topless protest against structures which they believe objectify and repress them is intriguing. By desexualizing their breasts by revealing them and writing protest slogans on them they are attempting to show their rejection of social controls on women via sexual objectification, which in theory flies in the face of the organization they are protesting. But in this very act they are objectifying their bodies, and specifically their breasts as tools of protest. They still reduce their bodies to objects. Now I believe that these femen protestors would say, yes they are objectifying themselves, but they are doing so on their own choice, and that their body ought only be objectified by themselves out of their own free choice for their liberation; not for their oppression.

        By reducing their bodies to a canvas they are articulating a strong belief that they want to be free, free in the classically liberal sense, free of impositions of other. But to make this statement they affront their own dignity as human beings, saying that their bodies can and sometimes ought to be objectified.

        A deeper and more meaningful protest of oppression of women via sexual objectification (not aimed at one group in particular but towards this problem in general) would be for large groups of women to go into shopping centers, stores, public parks etc. and go topless with their infant children to breast feed their child. This would be, one, a statement against objectification, and, two, a statement for the true reality that human life is meant to be. That human beings as a species, as persons, and as bodies are about interconnection, support, dependance, love and communion. This of course is the real answer to oppression via any sort of objectification, the world seeks to reduce us to things but God calls us to communion, love, interdependence, and faith. What physical act better challenges the worlds attempts to objectify and reduce human beings than mothers breastfeeding their children.

        This sort of feminist protest is exactly what Christians should support. Feminism is right to challenge the structures that oppress women, because they oppress men and children too. But it fails when its proposed solution is another way to reduce human beings to less than we are called to be.

        • Varenius

          MitchellJ: “Okay, gotta say that is a disgusting take on what femen is doing.:”

          How is it incorrect, though? Obviously it’s not how *they* would see it, but that’s what it boils down to for most of the “audience”. It’s either a titillating spectacle (npi) or a ridiculous annoyance, nothing more.

          MitchellJ: “[Femen would say] they are objectifying themselves, but they are doing so on their own choice…”

          That’s also the answer many prostitutes, porn models/actors, etc. would give. Doesn’t mean they are still not being debased.

          MitchellJ: “A deeper and more meaningful protest… would be for large groups of women to… go topless with their infant children to breast feed their child.”

          Yes, but I doubt we will ever see this from Femen. Anything even suggestive of normal domestic/feminine life is likely anathema to them.

          • MitchellJ

            It might be some people’s reaction but it doesn’t excuse their objectifying these women who happen to be topless.

            Sure that is what all of those people could say. And I went on to say that they were still affronting their own human dignity. Treating yourself as an object lessens gives credence to the idea that people can be treated as objects.

            Instead of just saying oh those femen ladies are bad to the core, what I was proposing was to say to their sort of protest: “I get what you are protesting but I challenge you to a deeper protest.” And I very much doubt that domestic or feminine things are anathema to them, rather being forced into those roles would be. Maybe for a few you are right.

            Listen I’m not trying to defend femen (although the way you cherry picked quotes from my post might suggest that I am), I am saying that when engaging with people like the femen ladies we should not shout them down but acknowledge the good we see in what they are doing (even if we have to dig deep to find it) and challenge them to explore that further. You attract more flies with honey than vinager.

            • Varenius

              MitchellJ: “…it doesn’t excuse their objectifying these women who happen to be topless.”

              Of course not, but Femen are putting themselves in a position where objectification is inevitable. The bottom line is that they are delegitimizing themselves from the get-go, which is what makes it so absurd.

              MitchellJ: “I’m not trying to defend femen (although the way you cherry picked quotes from my post might suggest that I am),”

              It certainly wasn’t my intent to imply so.

              I think the basic disagreement between us is that you are willing to give Femen a smidgen of credibility, whereas between the total absurdity and their support of reprehensible things I see no legitimacy to them at all. The only “dialogue” I’m open to giving them is a firm spanking, which might well do more to wake them up than any acknowledgement or challenge. Indulgence will only feed their delusions.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    At first glance, I thought it was FREMEN and I was all excited to see some sandworms.

    • Varenius

      Wouldn’t it be great if one showed up and swallowed the whole annoying bunch?

  • kirthigdon

    Abortion is the cause of feminism and has been at least since the 1960s. Abortion is as central to contemporary feminism as anti-semitism is to Nazism.
    Kirt Higdon

    • Not my kind of feminism.

      • IRVCath

        Right. One could even say that it has been hijacked by abortion (for a lot of reasons having to do with the priorities of men in boardrooms and government offices, not ordinary women).

    • Alma Peregrina

      I’m not a feminist, nor do I have any sympathy for them. But you do know that many original feminists were against abortion, since it was a tool of sexual oppression by men, right?

      • kirthigdon

        Yes. That’s why I referred to contemporary feminism.
        Kirt Higdon

        • Alma Peregrina

          I misread you, sorry…

  • Dan F.

    It’s demonic I think, in the true sense of the word. Let’s pray for their deliverance.