What is wrong with people?

What is wrong with people? February 3, 2014

So, during the Super Bowl, they run this:

What would an American major sporting event be without uber-patriotism and flag-waving about the glories of America. And since I’ve always thought “America the Beautiful” would be a much better national anthem than the unsingable “Star-Spangled Banner”, I was rather pleased hear it sung. Jeepers, an actual prayer “God shed his grace on thee” right there on global TV. Plus, it’s just a musically better and more beautiful song. Happy to hear it.

So what greets me today but the fact that a nation O’Malleys, Schmidts, Wassersteins, Iancus, Torellis, Hidekis, Kims, Francois, Toboloskis, Tobolowskys, and Sanchezes are upset because it was sung in different languages! Zoot alors! The chutzpah! Foreigners coming to America and bringing their languages and cultures here! Oy vey! Doesn’t that just give you the mickey? Mamma mia! Faith and begorrah, the horrah!

We should all chill out with a good old fashioned American meal of French fries, pizza with Canadian bacon, lox and bagels, and a hamburger and beer.

Update: Fair’s fair: Matt Walsh has a hilarious take on lefty freakoutery about the same commercial because of nuns.

Also, Dylan hawking cars? I feel… old.

My personal favorite was the random dude who winds up on the limo date followed by Don Cheadle with a llama and ping pong with the Governator climaxing in the wall falling over to reveal the gigantic rock concert. The Super Bowl is all about garish heathen splendor. I sort of vicariously felt like Bottom suddenly tranported among the fairies with Titania madly in love with him. Awesome prank!

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