Author Phil Petree writes…

Author Phil Petree writes… March 15, 2014

I wanted to reach out and ask for your help on my book project.

 My project is called a Journey For Miracles and I will be traveling all across the lower 48 states by car to interview priest, military and first responder chaplains about miracles they have personally witnessed.  Ultimately I want to compile these stories into a book which will provide inspiring and heartwarming stories filled with examples of God’s grace, love and perfect timing.

There is a great example on my site: and the story is called Janice and Mike – My First Miracle.

What I’m asking of you is that you include a little write-up about my project in your blog. I need help with both the fund raising and raising awareness of the project across the Catholic audience.

Check it out!  And if you have money or stories to share, drop him a line.

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