Please Help the People of Sudan

Please Help the People of Sudan March 10, 2014

Bishop Eduardo Kussala writes me and I’m passing it along:

The genocide in South Sudan continues. Famine, murder, and rape are everywhere. Most humanitarian aid has fled the country. In many places only the Catholic Church, along with the Sudan Relief Fund, remain to serve these poor and persecuted people. Some areas are worse off than others.

For our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Malakal it is dire indeed….there is no food—only starvation and bloodshed.

Because of the ongoing gun battles and persecution, many innocent people are being killed. Many more are on the verge of starvation. Soldiers blaze through the town and loot our markets. Our shops, pharmacies and houses are also being looted and burned. Whatever can sustain life is being destroyed or taken. As a result, the people in Malakal are in danger of starvation. We need to deliver them food as soon as possible and so I must ask you for your help.Please click here to help the people of Malakal.

More than 35,000 men, women and children in the diocese face certain death unless food aid arrives soon.

And that is why I must ask for your help today.

Bishop Majwok of the Diocese of Malakal, has contacted me and asked for food to save his people. I in turn must now ask you, Mr. Shea, and all the faithful supporters of the Sudan Relief Fund to help these starving people.

Sadly, most of the world knows little of the terrible situation that prevails in South Sudan. Most know nothing of the genocide perpetrated by the Islamic radicals of North Sudan on the poor people of South Sudan because they are Christian or black. Most know nothing of the famine, the bombed out Churches, the purged farms, or dilapidated hospitals.

As a faithful supporter of the Sudan Relief Fund, however, you are aware of the terrible situation. In fact, Mr. Shea, you have been with us for over ten years as we struggle to uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer daily in the Sudan. It has been with your help that we have been able to save countless lives. And it is why I am asking you now to support our Famine Relief Project.

It is difficult to truly describe how bad the situation has gotten. Just this past February, St. Andrew’s Church in Bor, Jonglei state, was the scene of a horrific massacre that took the lives of at least 14 female staff. Other churches have been torched, bombed and defiled. Click here to read more about the situation in the Sudan.

Since December, rebel army violence has killed thousands of people and displaced about 860,000 people from the homes. The UN estimates that 3.7 million people are in acute need of food in South Sudan.

That’s why the Sudan Relief Fund is preparing now to purchase, transport and distribute food and other basic lifesaving items to the people of the Diocese of Malakal. SRF is moving ahead without the funds in the budget because they trust the necessary funds will come with God’s grace and from good and charitable supporters like you.

SRF’s “Famine Relief Project” is an emergency aid project that if enacted rapidly will save tens of thousands of innocent lives.

We have spoken directly with the priests and humanitarian workers there and they have given us a list of the minimum they need to save their people. To see a full list of their specific needs please click here.

That’s why I’m urging you to immediately rush your most generous gift to SRF’s “Famine Relief Project”

The starving people of the Diocese of Malakal can only pray and wait for food to arrive from elsewhere.

So please, Mr. Shea, rush your most heartfelt and generous gift today in the amount of $200, $300, $400 or more so that the Sudan Relief Fund can feed these starving people and save their lives.

For nearly a decade, the Sudan Relief Fund has been able to work miracles in South Sudan because of you.

Now, the poor souls of Malakal need a miracle here in this place where so many are plagued by poverty, persecution, famine and displacement from their homes and villages. Where so many children die of malnutrition and preventable disease, where women die needlessly in childbirth, where boys and men are killed or enslaved.

Mr. Shea, because of your past gifts to the Sudan Relief Fund, I know you have a special place in your heart for your brothers and sisters suffering and dying in South Sudan. These victims of racial hatred, religious persecution and genocide depend on you so that they can live in Christ’s mercy and His love and in peace. So please send whatever you can to help our brothers and sisters.

Please give whatever you can.

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