Professional Pro-Aborts are Incredibly Creepy

Professional Pro-Aborts are Incredibly Creepy March 12, 2014

The baby hatred of that subculture seeps out in weird and disturbing ways, such as obsessing over the fact that people feel pity for the children killed on the lost Malaysian flight.  Most of us call sorrow for the suffering of innocent children “normal”.  But professional pro-aborts are radically abnormal.

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  • I was just thinking about this this morning, that as a society we see some sort of zero-sum game between babies and women — if one gains, the other loses. I’ve seen people argue that fetuses aren’t babies, and shouldn’t be called such. I saw one disturbed person argue that fetuses are morally equivalent to rapists, because both use a woman’s body without permission. We consider pregnancy a disease to be prevented.

    We often mention that the Church is always saying “both/and,” and that is especially true here. Is it really so hard to respect, care about, and protect both mothers and babies?

    • Jared Clark

      I was involved in an online discussion on abortion last night. Every last one of the pro-aborts compared unborn humans to parasites.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Ugh. That’s one of the arguments I hate the most. I shouldn’t take it personally on behalf of my baby, but I do.

      • Every last one of the pro-aborts compared unborn humans to parasites.

        Given the individualistic social and economic assumptions of our society, that makes complete sense.

        • Jared Clark

          The dichotomy of makers vs. takers follows the logic of our society’s philosophies and economics, but they could at least learn some biology. Having a parasite, biologically, is not like reproduction.

          • No argument here.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      “We often mention that the Church is always saying “both/and,” and that
      is especially true here. Is it really so hard to respect, care about,
      and protect both mothers and babies?”

      That’s the key. What is good for babies is good for mothers, and what is good for mothers is good for babies–like a solid, loving marriage, a father and husband, fidelity, self-giving, generosity, forgiveness, patience . . .

      • The trick is to acknowledge that women are more than JUST mothers, but that being at least potentially mothers is a definitive part of being a woman, and that it is anti-woman to be anti-mothers.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    A while ago I happened to be home from work early and I caught the Dr. Oz show. This had to be two years ago. The program was about new findings that show that the contraceptive pill, progesterone-estrogen, prevented ovarian cancers by reducing or eliminating the scarring formed by eruptions. He explained this in his inimitable crystal-clear manner, and he had two female OB-GYNs with him, one of whom said something like “We think of young women taking the pill, and that’s good, but older women need to be protected from pregnancy too.”
    I was gobsmacked, and still am, at the twin assertions that (1) the ordinary functioning of a woman’s fertility is dangerous to her and (2) that pregnancy is something a woman needs to be protected from.
    The deeply sick hatred and fear of children which runs through all this is particularly upsetting when one sees the natural love of children transferred to dogs (for example). My cousin, who obviously longs for a child but is totally committed to what we might call the Dr. Oz mentality, treats her mutt like a darling child. It’s nauseating.

    • silicasandra

      Something else I find interesting: During pregnancy, and then for many months afterwards for most women who breastfeed, the eruptions aren’t occurring because ovulation is suppressed. So the OBGYN was incorrect in her statement as you report it, because it’s not pregnancy that’s so “dangerous” – it’s ovulation month after month after month without ever getting a break. It’s almost like getting pregnant could be – gasp – good for women, in the normal design of things. But we’re so committed to disrupting that as a society we think we need a pill to fix it.

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    Won’t somebody please not think of the children?