How good and pleasant it is when eugenicists dwell together in unity

How good and pleasant it is when eugenicists dwell together in unity August 15, 2017

Here are some clouds the size of a man’s hand pointing the way forward for the postmodern Left and Right to come to happy concord in the oppression of the weak by the strong.  In no particular order:

Racist judge tells inmates they can cut their sentences if they will only cut their vas deferens

Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka, who is welcome at the White House of our White Supremacist-in-Chief is treated with respect and does not have his mike cut or get laughed off the air as he explains why White Supremacists need to be cut slack.

And yes, Trump really does believe in eugenics and, as with all eugenicists, is convinced that he is the winner of the Superior Gene lottery:

Meanwhile, we also get this tormented twaddle from the Left, conferring a blessing on the rule of the Powerful over the Powerless:

It invites the obvious conclusion that the Powerful decide which of the Powerless have “moral status” to exist, followed by the conclusion that only the Powerful have moral status to decide who gets to exist. Today we babble about “experience” as somehow conferring that right. Tomorrow some rich brute like Trump says, “Who cares about experience and all that other crap? I want my enemies to not exist anymore and who’s going to stop me? I decide whose life has meaning and whose does not. That smart broad at Princeton said so.”

The day is not far off when people like Harman and people like Trump will suddenly gaze into each other’s eyes and wonder why they never saw how beautiful the other was and how much they have in common. In that hour, the rest of us in the 99%, born and unborn, will be absolutely screwed.

The believers in Harman imagine they are protecting women when they are, in fact, protecting Trump. The believers in Trump imagine Trump sees them as fellow members of the Master Race when in fact he sees them as prey.

In the end, all the crap about meeting qualifications for humanity is a smokescreen on one thing: power. Once you grant that the Powerful have the right to decide who is and is not human, it’s just a matter of time before they grant themselves the sole franchise.

Remove from every human being the dignity that derives from being made in the image and likeness of God (from conception to natural death) and you place their fate, sooner or later, in the hands of a predator like Trump.

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