We live in the first age in the history of the world…

We live in the first age in the history of the world… March 7, 2014

…where blithering historically illiterate people can reject the historical existence Jesus Christ and be widely hailed a bold iconoclastic geniuses by lots of other blithering historically illiterate people.

Instead of, you know, being jeered off the stage as blithering historically illiterate people.

But then again, 1 in 4 Americans don’t know the earth orbits the sun.  However, we do hasve awesome self-esteem and feel really *good* about our ignorance.

For further reading, see Against Hannibal, a little primer on how to read ancient historical sources like a complete dumbbell.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    Is this from the Facebook page “Abraham Lincoln didn’t exist?” It’s really funny parody.

    • Dbom

      Ahaha- you are right, good stuff.

      Mark, I know Lent is no time for funny jokes but I think they got you with this one.

      Food depravation can make one mentally slower…it seems…to…


      • chezami

        ? I’m aware that it’s parody.

        • Catholic Fast Food Worker

          This post made my Lenten meat-free day! I shall bookmark it.

  • MikeinCT

    The people that made that are mocking the “professional atheist” reasoning. It is parody

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I think Mark knows that. He’s pointing out that this reasoning is deployed against Jesus and is just as silly then (which is, of course, the whole point of the parody, too).

      • MikeinCT

        Slow on the uptake this morning. Need more coffee.

  • MarylandBill

    Its amazing how many people think their arguments against the existence of a historical Jesus are sound based on reasoning like this. I understand not everyone is going to be a believer no matter how much I hope, and therefore they might doubt the miracles and the resurrection, but to deny his existence is just dumbfounding. At the very least it creates far more problems than it could possibly solve for the atheist.

    • Colin Gormley

      >At the very least it creates far more problems than it could possibly solve for the atheist.

      The problem of course is that the atheist who resorts to this kind of reasoning rarely follows the train of thought beyond the denial of Jesus of Nazareth. As long as a point is scored against religion, by which is meant Christianity, that is sufficient. The intellectual wreckage caused is just a casualty of war.

  • Dave G.

    On the subject of hard to swallow, I’m having just as much difficulty believing that some 75 million Americans don’t know that the earth orbits the sun. Unless that number is also supposed to be part of the post’s basic point.