A While Back I Wrote a Piece on Credulity and Skepticism…

A While Back I Wrote a Piece on Credulity and Skepticism… April 9, 2014

which you can read here.  Bottom line, just as despair and presumption are both the enemies of hope, so credulity and skepticism are both the enemies of true faith.

Now a study looks at the ways in which both credulity and skepticism can blind you to reality.  The skeptic will sometimes go to ridiculous length to shore up a theory in the teeth of reality.  The credulous person, likewise, will go on believing something even when it is obviously false.

Healthy faith listens to reason and doesn’t buy every cockamamie claim from every visionary quack.  On the other hand, it also doesn’t cling to dogmatic skepticism in the teeth of obvious evidence that God is at work.

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  • sez

    It’s pride. The skeptic would have to humbly accept that he was wrong. Same for the credulous one. How many are they who explain away what happened before their very eyes? Or denounce any who don’t believe that the Virgin Mary appears on a grilled cheese sandwich? My hat is off to any who, once clinging to some belief/unbelief, later realize their error and publicly recant. That takes humility, without which we can neither learn nor advance.

    The question is: How do we know when we are being neither credulous nor skeptics? That we really have set aside our pre-conceived notions and are truly evaluating the evidence, free from any agenda?

    And then, once we are confident of our objectivity, how to we convince others who remain skeptical/credulous?

  • Steve P

    I don’t believe it…

    • Comrade

      Ha! Nice.

  • Comrade

    “The dogmatic skeptic who believes that everything you cannot prove with reason should be rejected is sawing off the branch he is sitting on, because you cannot prove with reason that reason is reliable.”

    Love this line. What grinds my gears the most about the new atheists is the patronizing assumption that somehow Christians past and present were robbed of their powers of reason. The apostles were anything but people who would immediately believe the claims of the next snake oil salesman coming down the road. Would you outright believe someone who claimed to be the Son of God? Jesus had to do a whole lotta convincin’ to open their eyes and then they paid a huge cost for that in the end. What’s the reasonable conclusion here?

  • Ronald King

    Developing self awareness is critical for the development of insight into our conditioned responses to reality.