Applying What We’ve Learned

Applying What We’ve Learned April 24, 2014

So, as we just saw with the Bundy hysteria, it is an almost guaranteed sure bet that when everybody leaps on a hysteria band wagon, things are not going to end well and a lot of people will look stupid.

Let’s apply that to the latest MSM Lefties/Reactionary Catholic tag team panic about Pope Francis allegedly telling divorced/non-annulled/remarried Catholics “Screw the Tradition! The Eucharist is an all you can eat buffet!”

As Fr. Z has meticulously pointed out, there is no There there. All we have are some second and third hand rumors, foolishly passed along by MSM types who always believe Francis is just about to destroy the Tradition and by Reactionaries who always believe the MSM when it says that.

There’s nothing there. Nothing.

There are two ways to approach this:

You can say, “When you have a single hard fact beyond ‘Yes, Francis did have a conversation with this person’ get back to me.”

Or you can panic and once again run around with your hair on fire, saying things like “Even if the story is not true, there’s little doubt that Pope Francis has set himself up for these situations.” Think about that. Even if the story is a lie, somehow the lie is Francis’ fault, because the voices in your head say so. Similarly, Jesus set himself up for the charge of terrorism because his words were twisted into saying he was going to destroy the Temple.

This is a total and complete non-story.

Avoid hysteria. It’s bad.

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