Cliven Bundy, Son of Liberty and Latest Right Wing Folk Hero, on the “The Negro”

Cliven Bundy, Son of Liberty and Latest Right Wing Folk Hero, on the “The Negro” April 24, 2014

Golly. Who could have predicted that the latest darling of the discernment-free right would turn out to be a racist nutjob in addition to a lawless welfare queen wrapped in a flag? Turns out “The Negro” would have been better off under slavery according to this Son of Liberty. Oh, and Bundy’s the Real Victim here.

Speaking of which, one of my sources reports:

[G]ot an intelligence briefing on the standoff from the FBI today… It was worse than you think, and at one point was seconds away from a bloodbath. Beyond f*cking crazy.

My source also reports that, in addition to the women being used as human shields, “They had children on the front line as well. Classy.”

My source also reports:

Apparently at one point, as the line of protestors pushed forward and a confrontation seemed more likely, some of the BLM officers called their wives and said they were either going to be killed or go to federal prison for shooting women and children — those would have been the choices they faced if a firefight had erupted.

Many of the terrorists who flocked there from out of state were extremely well armed and equipped. In some cases they matched or exceeded the feds in that regard. Some of the chief antagonists went there with the expressed intention of inciting an armed conflict and killing feds. They used carefully executed military tactics and were able to get the feds to back down. My fear is they now feel empowered and emboldened. The next encounter might not be a bloodless one.

Good rule of thumb: If something or somebody triggers an enormous wave of hysterical right wing support invoking George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and painting its critics as supporters of Hitler, Stalin and Mao while comparing grazing fees to abortion, you can take it to the bank that it is utter folly to get on that bandwagon. That any Catholic could fall for this hysteria for one moment is an indictment of the quality of formation in the American Church. If you are a Catholic who is, in any way, making excuses for these terrorists, go to confession. And if you are a prolifer enthusing over this guy, I call you a hypocrite to your face.

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