Riddle April 24, 2014

Q: What do you call a Catholic who vigorously protests the mind of Church?

“We vigorously protest these canonizations” – District of the USA sspx.org

A: A Protestant

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  • Dan F.

    I knew that one! 😉

  • Shawna Mathieu

    There was a similar flap when Mother Teresa was beatified. And there were church liberals that said St. Gianna Molla shouldn’t be canonized, because it would upset pro-choice people.

  • Sibyl Niemann

    Wow. I’m glad that the major media writer voiced his concern about the current pope’s popularity. Because it’s all about being really cool and not so embarrassingly Catholic.
    Anyway, we’re having a big fat party on Sunday, with pierogies, antipasti, Italian wine, and Polish vodka. God has richly, richly blessed our generation. Just think — we lived in the time of these amazing saints!

  • Doug Sirman

    Didn’t Demi Moore’s character pull this kind of thing in “A Few Good Men”? Something like:
    “I object.”
    “I strenuously object!”

    Man, if they’re quotin’ DM’s finest, they must really be pissed!