Don’t worry. There are tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos at the end

Don’t worry. There are tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos at the end May 23, 2014

Oh, and some of the language is not safe for work:

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  • Dan C

    Something you can reasonably desire, but probably shouldn’t have. Like the McRib.

  • Marthe Lépine

    However, and I am not making this up: I have read once, a long time ago, someone argue that the death penalty does prevent recidivism!

  • MarylandBill

    For the most part it was a fairly good take on the Death Penalty (better than most network news programs), though I imagine one could question using Amnesty International as a source regarding the deterrent value of the death penalty; they are not exactly unbiased.

  • Dan C

    One interesting bit is how it seems there was little interest in demanding that something seemingly democratically desired in majority (that Brits desire the death penalty at 51%) should be given to the populace.

    Several movements of populists in the US, including conservative populism would not be amenable to that argument. I happen to like it.

    There are things the population wants that are not good for them. The death penalty is one.

  • Archaeopteryx

    Technically speaking, it does. Dead men cannot commit more crimes.

  • Yeah, I found that fascinating, too. Especially the way John Oliver was willing to just say it.

    • Dan C

      In Britain, as in Australia, many would want to execute certain criminals. But at the same time there is no movement politically at all to have this happen. None at all. Which is a good thing.