Not Too Late to Implement My Plan

Not Too Late to Implement My Plan May 19, 2014

Stories like this…


‘Madder than hell’…

PAPER: President was warned about problems in 2008…

Vets Using Phoenix VA are Angry, Sick and Scared…

…just lend credence to my proposal: Strip all members of the Executive and Legislative branches of all money earned during their tenure in office except for their salaries. Put that money in a fund for killed and wounded vets and their families. If the official says anything other than “Thank you, sir, may I have another” offer them a choice of life in prison for treason or minefield sweeping/toilet cleaning in any of the hot war zones to which they have sent our troops. If the latter, leave them there as long as our troops are there. Pick any random soldier from the war zone and give them the seat formerly held by the government official.

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Or better yet: All those oil companies who have made millions thanks to the sacrifices of these soldiers? Make them pay for it. They have the money. The poor CEOs might have to settle for the 80 ft yacht instead of the 95 ft, and they might have to cut loose one of their mistresses. But somehow I think they’ll survive.

    • Dave G.

      I take it you’ve never been forced to settle for an 80 ft. yacht before. I don’t think you know the sacrifice you’re asking for.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        I cannot wait to have to make that grueling sacrifice. Bring it on.

      • The funny thing is that physically, that’s obviously not a sacrifice. Socially, it totally is.

      • LSUStatman

        “I don’t think anyone should have a yacht that sleeps more than twelve.”

    • Andy

      is the 80 foot yacht with or without crew? I mean one cannot expect to have to labor, and give up a mistress. Next you will expect only a month at Vail instead of the entire season. Where o’ where is your humanity?

    • Marthe Lépine

      To have the oil companies pay is not a bad idea. But one should also consider the corporations in the military-industrial complex. There is a lot of money made by producing weapons, and without wars, their sales would suffer. It would only be reasonable to expect them to include the care of veterans in their costs. After all, if they were wounded, it must be because those expensive weapons were not good enough to protect them… It is only a matter of quality control!

  • Jonk

    Pay no attention to the fact that this is what single payer government healthcare looks like. Blame the wars.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Please give some reliable source, and/or some credible stories to support this, otherwise I will assume you are just repeating some propaganda you heard. Our Canadian system is far from perfect, but I have not heard of many problems similar to what is described in this post, and, on the other hand, medical care is not the main reason for personal bankruptcy in my country.

      • Jonk

        If you think the US government should be in charge of health care, you should probably do some research on the bang up job they’re doing with the health care of those they’re already responsible for.

        Or, as our fair host did, you could just blame the wars, and assume it’s only war, not a massive, industrial health bureaucracy, that’s creating these conditions and killing these men and women.