Super-Rich Working Harder Than Ever…

Super-Rich Working Harder Than Ever… May 8, 2014

while the middle class is clearly slacking off. This, I am reliably informed, is the only possible explanation for the fact that middle-class earnings so crappy while the super-rich continue to skyrocket in wealth.

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  • C’mon, somebody tell us why this is actually false and the American middle class is doing better than ever.

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      Because Fox News tells us so.

      • Alexander S Anderson

        Where ever they aren’t doing well, it was caused by Obama!

  • quasimodo

    this is a graph of the problem:

    I tend to agree with the reasoning, but your mileage may vary.

  • David Charlton

    Listen to the end of the discussion, were they talk about the educational disparity between boys and girls that begins with Kindergarten and continues through college. There has been over 35% in inflation adjusted wage increase for women, while for men it has been 0%. So two primary reasons for the slow growth in the median wage, according to this interview, are 1) those at the top keeping more of the profit than in other countries 2) and the failure of America’s schools to educate boys and men, which results in wage stagnation.

    It seems that our conservative and liberal elites have both contributed to the sad condition of the middle class.

    • Dave G.

      The decline of the American male is its own topic. But an interesting insight that when it comes to economics, it isn’t as if one side gets the gold medal and the other is the mischief. Though I’m increasingly wondering how worthwhile the labels liberal and conservative are. Not that there isn’t liberal and conservative. I just wonder how many are still only in one camp or the other..

      • David Charlton

        I agree that the labels liberal and conservative have lost their usefulness. My point was actually that our political parties, with different ideologies and using different means, seem to be working toward the same end, namely the weakening of the middle class.

  • everyman

    Thank you Comrade, for bringing this startling fact to our attention. The article made it a point to stretch the timeline to the year 2000, that way most of the blame could be laid on Dubba U. Some of it does belong there but the middle class was lied…. eh…. promised that things would be different. There was going to be reform, restructuring, transparency, end of gov’t corruption, and that magic lefty word……
    ta, ta, ta, daaah…… redistribution. Well, redistribution did happen. Under this regime the upper crust has been rewarded better than ever before. No, not the super rich who worked harder; It was the super rich who were connected to the scams of this lying golfer and his globe trotting wife. all of this is being done on the dime of the middle class and on the lives of the middle class.

    • chezami

      You seem to think that I support Obama. Charming how culture warriors make these simple red/blue assumptions. Stick around and your find you don’t really have me pegged yet.

      • everyman

        I make no assumptions and I don’t concern myself with people’s personal views, neither should you. Facts and proven time-honored orthodoxy and Tradition is all that matters. I refute, and let me add despise, culture warriors. White and red is my color scheme. White for the purity of purpose, thought and intentions, red for the blood of the heroes and martyrs that was shed to guard them. Everything else is the dismal and gloomy and “progressive” gray.

        • Facts and proven time-honored orthodoxy and Tradition is all that matters.

          Oy vey. I don’t think your average Catholic should be allowed to wield orthodoxy. They’re too dangerous with it. It’s like handing an AR-15 to a 6 year-old.

  • The reason that the rich got richer, and that they have the protection of government. It’s not Red or Blue, it’s Green (and I mean green like a $100 bill).

    Crony capitalism is the scourge of our modern day. The uber rich are “too big to fail”, and get bailed out when they screw up. Obama takes a trillion of our dollars for “stimulus” to line the pockets of his “clean energy” friends to try one failing company after another. Government places regulations in business that the big boys can easily absorb, but a startup entrepreneur cannot. It keeps competition to a minimum

    It’s time to implement the flat tax or the fair tax, and eliminate a bunch of these federal regulating agencies like the DOE (both of them) EPA, FDA, BLM, etc. If government is not able to give their big donors favors, then we have less corruption.

    • HornOrSilk

      Flat tax is pro-rich.

      • Do you realize that General Electric, under our current tax code, after making billions in profits paid $0 in tax?

        • HornOrSilk

          What does that have to do with flat tax?

  • GKC Side Kick

    The article has it’s errors. The truth is, taxes have increased because of national security, bad equity investments namely by government, government sponsored loans/lending, government false dilemma’s that don’t exist between the rich, poor, and middle class, and perpetual welfare/unemployment. Wake up, government is not an economic system. And every time there’s a lack of distribution of wealth, government is supposed to be the overseer of economic justice. Which is completely wrong. Government is supposed to be – well – governing, and well governed in itself. You cannot, then, merely make villains out of people for being rich, which is not just. Nor is it just for a government to throw all the attention on rich as being bad, and government being good. Government lowered our national security, compromised our defense and well-being of the family, ruined our nation, and continues to attack what is normal (the family structure.)

    Mark, government writes the tax structure and codes. Government even creates the problem and will show a way out of it (tax incentives and write offs.) When people who want to save their income to take care of themselves and their own (who are also rich), government then makes villains out of those people. Think how common it is when one group calls out 50% of those who don’t pay taxes (apparently the very rich who don’t), and at the same time those who are pro-government say those who are really wealthy ought to be paying more to equalize the playing field. Both don’t want people to have their own income. Both groups want more taxation. One group wants the 50% who don’t pay taxes, to pay tax. And the other group wants the really wealthy to pay more taxes. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd for people to merely blame the rich while the tax incentives are their to make the playing field equal? Tax incentives and write offs are generally ways in which people with their own wealth may disclose where they’ve helped to equalize that playing field for people. Many of those write offs include a non-profit organization which is to help the disadvantaged or anyone in dire need of assistance. So, it doesn’t make sense to make villains out of the rich who have tax write offs as a result of giving their wealth to better aide people in need of assistance (what many non-profits do.)