The Amazing Thing About Stories Like This…

The Amazing Thing About Stories Like This… May 22, 2014

…is that the same people who perpetually complain that state social safety nets deprive us of the power to be charitable (which is, itself, utter rubbish) will also complain about acts of private charity like this:

YouTube prankster raises $44K to give homeless man a house

Jesus says specifically to give to those who *cannot* repay you. Contemporary conservative American culture says that such people are parasites and that giving to somebody who will never repay you is just feeding parasitism. I have no idea how it is known a priori that such people are parasites. But I know from experience that whenever I run across stories like this, there will be a huge outcry against the generous person for being a sucker, for trying to buy love, etc. and I am always assured that the recipient of such kindness will be called a parasite, a scam artist, a cunning thief, human debris, etc.

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