Forget “Lucifer”

Forget “Lucifer” June 17, 2015

If you *really* want to risk the everlasting fires of hell, become a fan of a “reality” show that celebrates making poor people grovel and fight each other for things they need.

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  • Pete the Greek

    Who the hell would watch this…

    I image the pitch went a little something like this:

  • freddy

    Just one step away from “Climbing for Dollars.” Who knew “The Running Man” would turn out to be so prophetic?
    It takes an especially calloused soul to think this a good idea.
    God help us.

  • Smithgift

    Words that are not obscene fail me.

    • Pete the Greek

      You know, I’ve always believed that obscene words, used sparingly and in the PROPER context, can be very effective when other forms of communication fail.

      • D.T. McCameron

        I’ve read somewhere that it’s a Jesuit principle to call a bad thing by a bad name (doing less would be dishonest). I could swear there was something about beer, too.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    That looks about as edifying as Bridezillas.

  • Eve Fisher

    Sick, sick, sick.

  • John Zulauf

    I’ve read quotes from psychologists talking about these reality shows, and how no ethical scientist in the world would be allowed to design experiments like them.

    Well, not anymore…

  • Tweck

    Horrible. Outside of A.D. I can’t find anything to watch on television that isn’t just a celebration of society’s descent into all-out depravity and moral decay. 🙁

    Reminds me almost exactly of a recent (and I thought very good) movie called “The Box,” which explored the same moral and ethical “dilemmas” that this show is exploiting people with. Also based on a Twilight Zone episode.

    Of course those rolling in cash in Super’merica’s Ubercapitalism would want to pit the poor and struggling against each other… it’s what they do every time they send us to the voting booth to vote for the next carbon copy corporate-sponsored cardboard cutout “President.” And it’s what the media does best, and at the behest of the same corporate overlords – divide us and make us fight over things to keep us from uniting and deposing their stranglehold on the soul of America.

    So this is, unfortunately, not surprising.

    • Pete the Greek

      You could just, you know, sell your TV. After about a week, you don’t even miss it. One of the best things I ever did, well, I actually threw mine away because it was old and not working great, but, same thing.

      • Jamesthelast

        Seriously, the only thing I ever use the TV for is to watch NBA games.

        • Pete the Greek

          We had similar disuse for it. We only ever watched an occasional movie, and then we realized that my computer monitor had better graphics than the tv. 🙂

      • Tweck

        Threw my actual (gigantic, heavy old) TV out about 6 months ago… I should have been more clear – I just mean new television shows in general (viewed through Netflix or Amazon), and that there’s nothing good on TV anymore. The last time I had cable… flipping the channels just made me sad.

        Now I have excited revert syndrome and pretty much everything I watch is about the faith, or biblical in nature. Maintaining celibacy is also keeping me from watching pretty much anything that has any sexual content, so that means pretty much anything, ha ha

        • Pete the Greek

          I have a theory about why generic, broadcast tv is cratering so fast:

          People who value their time, who, when wanting to relax with a show, choose carefully, have since migrated to Hulu, Netflix or some other on demand download/streaming format. I think much of the broadcast tv audience that remains are not, shall we say, discerning, and will watch whatever the glowing cyclops god bestows on them. This means that there really isn’t much broadcast demand for high quality, but rather for shock value and titillation.

          Maybe I’m wrong, but it would explain a lot. I think radio stations are going the same route.

    • johnnysc

      A.D.? I stopped watching. Any sign yet of the Catholic Church, or the necessity of Baptism, or the Eucharist?

      • Tweck

        I’m on episode 5 I think now – they’re still in-and-out of Jerusalem, and Saul is now going about his persecutions, and just had a pretty fun confrontation with Peter… I think the Eucharist was pretty well demonstrated in Episode 1 where they recapped the Last Supper. Season one only covers Acts chapters 1-10 I believe. There’s so much peripheral fictionalized drama added to it, they seem to be taking their time and focusing a lot on the dramatized relationship between Caiaphas and Peter and Caiaphas and Pilate. 🙂