Twinsanities May 21, 2014

Insane Gun Culture

The emerging consensus on the Right is that you can post things on social media promoting obvious moral goods that are not tainted by ritual impurity through associations with the Wrong People. Doing that makes you a Good Christian who is Speaking Out (as for instance, the many memes protesting the imminent execution of the woman in Sudan for converting to Christianity).

On the other hand, post things on social media that are obvious moral goods tainted by associations with Michelle Obama, Sean Penn, or some other ritually impure person and you are a vain and morally preening fool who is merely being trendy and shallow.

Because it’s more important–especially for the NRA (whose purpose has nothing whatsoever to do with denouncing protests on behalf of kidnapped Nigerian girls). Why? Because for the Thing that Used to be Conservatism, it is crucial that you maintain contempt for the ritually impure Tribal Other rather than that you rejoice that they are, in this case, advocating an obvious moral good. If contempt for the Tribal Other is not maintained–if it is acknowledged that they are, in fact, capable of advocating obvious moral goods–there is a grave possibility that the grip the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism has on its thralls will be weakened and charity for the Tribal Other will slip in, leading to the breakdown of our political order, mass confusion, and dogs and cats sleeping together. TTUTBC politics does not allow that. So maintain the contempt, no matter how stupid it is to do so.

Meanwhile, across the aisle, there is also Insane Nun Culture, doing its level best to slaughter children, worship goddesses, and prove itself liberated from elementary common sense and human decency. Won’t be sorry to see the LCWR shut, padlocked, and fumigated.

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  • quasimodo

    the #bringbackourgirls thing is a lame, un-serious, and weak response to a serious deadly issue … but no one is approved to point that out. Certainly not the NRA

    • HornOrSilk

      Of course, what we need is, a radio campaign against hashtags, and maybe a book deal, too.

    • ivan_the_mad

      “the #bringbackourgirls thing is a lame, un-serious, and weak response to a serious deadly issue”

      Oh, I think it is too. The only thing lamer, less serious, and weaker, is making a brouhaha over the Twitter thing, since that will free those girls in no time at all. Or perhaps a political lobby like the NRA hijacking the tragedy and vapid Twitter response to bray again about their ideological sacred cows.

      Seriously, if you don’t like it, ignore it, and pray for the girls’ safety and rescue.

      • Andy

        The NRA is one of the leaders in creating sacred cows and allows no goring of their bulls.
        Prayer is what is needed, I do agree!

    • Adolfo

      Sister Rosemary Nyrirumbe doesn’t seem to think it’s pointless.

  • Pete the Greek


  • Andy

    How important is twitter? 140 characters limits what you say and means little. Why any discussion about it – let’s limit our comments to 140 characters. #smallcomments

    On a more serious note it encourages those with little to say to actually say their little and encourages truncated English – I don’t know which is worse.

  • KM

    Twitter is just a social media tool for people to share both serious and unserious messages. The NRA uses twitter for their messages, and the Vatican uses it for their messages. So do thousands of other groups and people. Does that make it lame and unserious? I suppose that depends on which tribe is using it for whatever purpose.

    The Vatican actually re-tweeted the BringBackOurGirls hashtag so I guess that makes the Pope lame and liberal too. Frankly the whole BringBackOurGirls campaign had a positive effect: It helped bring awareness of the issue. So good came out of this.

  • KM

    Mark, I’m glad you wrote this:

    “…the grip the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism has on its thralls will be weakened and charity for the Tribal Other will slip in, leading to the breakdown of our political order..”

    Exactly. This is a threat to the established order. There are people trying to bring both sides together in order to solve problems. Ralph Nader tells us that there is a growing movement of people on both the right and the left against the “two party tyranny,” and Lawrence Lessig is kickstarting a Citizens’ Superpac (called MayDay) that will represent average Americans. So there are people who are hungry for change, sick of politics as usual, and who want to work with others to solve intractable problems.

  • virago

    Wow, you are really are black and white about things!!!

    Well, if the Republicans win in 2016 we can all complain about TTTUTBL.

  • Alexander S Anderson

    Don’t worry, the Vatican is definitely picking on the nuns because they are poor, weak women who care about the poor too much.

  • Karen Wood

    It all seems like a bunch of nonsense to me.