Good News and Thanks to Youse Guys!

Good News and Thanks to Youse Guys! May 21, 2014

Hey Prayer Warriors! My reader who wrote asking for urgent prayers writes back:

This is the chief of sinners again.

Perhaps if I hadn’t been so hasty to send my previous message, I would have thought twice about closing the account, which would mean I would not have to open yet another account. As it is, I really don’t want this traced back to me, again, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, considering how kind you all have been, I feel it is right to give an update. Let this, then, be the end of my contact.

On Monday, I committed the same sin again. I felt even more wretched than before.

On Tuesday (today), though, I was able to go to confession, with the priest I mentioned earlier. I have been absolved. I am at peace, now, Thank you for all your prayers.

Again, this will be the last of my contact. I will say no more, until Judgment Day, except for this: Addiction can be a killer. Don’t let it get the better of you. Ever.

Thank you guys for your prayers and your kind words of support for him in the comboxes. You made a difference. And thanks be to God for hearing our prayers, forgiving his sin, and giving him grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. Lovely to the Body of Christ at work in the world.

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