A work of mercy worth supporting

A work of mercy worth supporting May 21, 2014

A reader writes:

You were kind enough to help advertise the Seattle Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally when I was on the command team a while back and made the request, so I’m hoping you may be willing to help me with another project. I am now the teacher of a small, devoutly Catholic preschool in Redmond. The school is privately owned by a polish family who were parishioners of Karol Wojtyla back in the day. They later had to flee their homeland as political refugees due to their involvement with Solidarity. They run various businesses and charities, but the preschool is what they really consider their family ministry.

They were looking for a way to change the world, and decided that one of the best ways is not by treating the sickness, but by preventing it. What happens in early childhood has an immense impact on the character and success of those individuals in adulthood, as increasing studies show. In this time of cold, bureaucratic daycares/preschools, and with bizarre notions of sexuality being introduced to children at younger and younger ages, in 2009 the Radka family chose to take a leap of faith and build a safe place for the catholic education of young children within their own beautiful family compound. As you might imagine, they continue to face a lot of obstacles, including resentment from parishes that see them as competition for their own (sadly much less orthodox) parish preschools.

We really need help spreading the word to people who might need us, because the parishes won’t allow us to advertise with their parishioners and we don’t have much of a budget for other forms of advertising. Would you be willing to mention the JP2 Catholic Preschool on your blog? It would really be a huge help. I have included below the email that we have been sending around to contacts, which contains some more information about the school.

Thank you and blessings,

Becky Harmon

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