A Tale of Two Covenants

A Tale of Two Covenants June 2, 2014

There’s a bit of kerfuffle I’m hearing through the grapevine about my views on the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. If you are interested, I offer the following little series I wrote a while back. It is offered, not as the “The Binding Teaching of the Church” but rather as a permissible opinion with a range of permissible opinions that I happen to think has the strongest and most obvious biblical support and is the best synthesis of the Tradition, but not the only possible synthesis of the Tradition.

By the way, the main thing the Church’s Magisterium does is not bind but loose. That is, it steps in to tell squabbling believers that they can’t issue, nor need they feel bound by, bulls of excommunication over matters of liberty and that Catholics are free to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle or from the end (though the Church does dogmatically bind the faithful have the toilet paper unroll from the front, not the back. I, I mean the Church, hates it when it unrolls from the back!)


A Tale of Two Covenants, Part 1

A Tale of Two Covenants, Part 2

A Tale of Two Covenants, Part 3

A Tale of Two Covenants, Part 4

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