Kevin Knight in the News!

Kevin Knight in the News! June 24, 2014

My pal Kevin Knight gets profiled over at Aleteia. Profiled in a good way, that is, not in a “potential terrorist” way.

When you look up the word “droll” in the dictionary, it has a picture of Kevin next to it. The cracks me up. A few years ago, somebody–I think it was one of the Creative Minority Report guys–made some weisenheimer joke about the New Advent site. So Kevin linked it–and replace the normal mugshot of the author with a picture of Moe Howard from the Three Stooges. Nyuk! Nyuk!

I’ve had the chance to hang out with him several times in various situations and he always kills me with his dry delivery. And, of course, he is an indefatigable witness for the Faith. Love the guy!

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