Me and the FFI

Me and the FFI June 4, 2014

Various people are writing me to denounce my passionate partisanship concerning the FFI cuz I posted a link to Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger’s discussion of the fracas and committed the mortal sin of calling him “sane”.

Dear People Inside the Reactionary Bubble:  

It’s not all about you.

Please understand something. I. Don’t. Care. About. the. FFI. Trads.  I. Don’t. Care. About. The. FFI. Controversy.

I. Don’t. Care.

I have not followed this controversy at all and did not even know till I got the note from Fr. Geiger with the link to his discussion that he had anything to do with it. That demonstrates the level of my Not Caringness. So far from Passionate Partisanship, I have nothing but Passionate Boredom with the whole thing.  I have been dimly aware that somewhere on the fringes of my consciousness, FFI Reactionaries and partisans have been screaming about persecution (as is their custom) but I have paid no attention because I don’t care about Reactionary screaming. So I have no interest in or dog in this fight. My personal interactions with Fr. Geiger have been few, but very positive, but have had nothing to do with FFI stuff. He has impressed me as an honest person and, what is more, as a sane Trad who who spoken truth to the insane bigotry of the Holocaust Denier and his nutjob sycophants and bedwetters who were the first to scream THE HORROR when Francis was elected. It was primarily in contrast to those foaming lunatics that I was comparing his sanity (though I have little doubt that if he is concerned about the FFI trads, they are foaming lunatics too).

So if I don’t care about the FFI, why did I post the link? Because I post lots of things readers send me that hold no interest for me, but might interest my readers. I try to be careful that the person sending me the link is not a nut and I try to make sure the link is reasonable. I’m not always right, but that’s basically the goal. I had no interest in the FFI thing myself. I simply thought some readers might. My intent in referring to Fr. Geiger as sane was to make clear that, despite the endless whining from Reactionaries about my “blanket denunciations” that I do, in fact, recognize that there are sane Traditionalists. Sue me.

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