Speaking of Strat

Speaking of Strat June 4, 2014

here he is, Searching for the Secret of Life and Death.W

It was my great honor to spend a weekend with him and Dale Ahlquist a few years back at one of the Chesterton Conferences out in Minneapolis. It fell to Strat, Dale, and me to give the toasts at the Chesterton Banquet on Saturday evening, one of the most hilarious of my life. Strat, God bless him, was so thoroughly terrible at telling jokes that it became more funny than if he’d told the jokes

(“Werner Heisenberg was going down the street one day… well, no, scratch that, Werner Heisenberg was driving down the street one day when… well, no wait… actually Heisenberg was driving down the Autobahn one day when a policeman pulled him over and… well, no, wait. I don’t believe they have a speed limit on the Autobahn, so it couldn’t have happened there. Well, at any rate, he was going down the highway when a policeman pulled him over and said, “Do you know how fast you were going?” Hmmm… I may need to back up here and explain who Heisenberg was…)

It went on like that for five minutes. I thought Dale was going pass out and slide under the table he was laughing so hard. Wonderful, wonderful man. God grant him the grace of a happy death and swift entry into heaven.

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