Beautifully Done, The Internet!

Beautifully Done, The Internet! July 17, 2014

Following the loss of his infant daughter, Sophia, a mourning father took to Reddit to ask for a single request – a photo without all her medical tubes

The response was overwhelming, and many artists volunteered to give this father the beautiful portrait of Sophia he never had the chance to take.

People can be so heartbreakingly wonderful.  Thanks be to God for such acts of love, beauty and kindness.

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  • Dave G.

    Wow. Who could see that story and not cry? There’s more of this in the world than we ever see. God bless that little girl and her family and all who stepped up to the plate.

  • MarylandBill

    I think this is evidence that often the tragic death of babies is perhaps one of the greatest extraordinary means of God’s grace entering into the world (the ordinary means being extraordinary in a different way). I wonder how many of those people who responded to the father might have had a spark lit in their soul that will ultimately lead to their salvation.