France Offers Asylum to Mosul’s Christians

France Offers Asylum to Mosul’s Christians July 28, 2014

An embarrassing coda to a decade of disgrace for the United States.  We should be offering asylum to every single one of these people, since it was our war that resulted in this catastrophe.  Instead, it is the reviled French, who wouldn’t be stampeded into that gigantic act of folly and who got the “freedom fry” treatment from the American warmongers and chickenhawks who are helping the victims of that folly.

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  • Dan C

    France, accused and derided for being atheist, secular, etc. takes in refugees freely (with almost 300000 in its country) that are often very religious. Its people gripe and go along with a country whose leadership says this is “our way.” And this is the policy even for the more conservative leaders in the country. Leadership of this conspicuously secular country demonstrates that it brings its people along.

    Certainly, France is no Nirvana. However, the French get kudos, first for being independent from the US’s barbarism in Iraq and also for this act of charity.

  • Elmwood

    France while not being near perfect is better than the US in many ways: better food (wine), better taxation policy, better looking women, no hydraulic fracturing, and much cleaner energy sources.

  • kirthigdon

    Kudos to the French for this one. Now if only they would stop diving head first into every war that occurs in their former colonial empire in Africa. You’d think they would have learned their lesson in Indochina and Algeria.
    Kirt Higdon

    • Dave G.

      Plus they’ve had their own issues, including the issue with the Romani people a couple years ago, and a friend of mine who lives in Europe sent me an article a couple weeks ago expressing concern about the rise of antisemitism in Europe, with France being one of the nations singled out. I suppose it’s one of those things, countries do well and don’t do well. It’s also worth noting that Iraqi Christians aren’t the only Christians being persecuted. If FOX does nothing else, it covers persecution of Christians around the world. I saw a segment on that a while back, and I was shocked at just how global it is. So there’s a lot of room to be doing more.

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