Obama turns to Catholic Church for help handling immigrant kids

Obama turns to Catholic Church for help handling immigrant kids July 11, 2014

A Catholic who is sane looks at this and is glad that the Administration is doing the smart thing and calling in the largest charitable organization on planet earth to do one of the things it does best: offer works of mercy to desperate people.  A Catholic driven mad by ideology forgets that the focus is on the desperate children and launches into foolish conspiracy theories, or terrors that “this might make Obama look good” or fantasies that the desperate children are part of a plot by George Soros to make conservatives look heartless, or suspicions that the Church agencies involved are complicit in a scheme to “liberalize” the Church or various other crazy blather that take our eyes off the fact that those children are Jesus Christ in desperate need of help.

Eyes on the prize.  This is a chance for us as Catholics to bring glory to God by being there for the least of these.  That’s all that matters.

And who knows, maybe even somebody as anti-Catholic as Obama will get a clue when the Church does the stuff it does so well.  But regardless of that, we must help these kids because they are Jesus and it is right.

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