Pretty Balanced Account of Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Pretty Balanced Account of Israel/Palestinian Conflict July 29, 2014

though way behind on the body count.

I don’t look to the leadership of either the Israelis or Palestinians for any hope at all.  I look to God and, God willing, the small and unheard of people who are, on both sides, determined to live in peace.  People like Pelosi, who pretend that Hamas is (I am not making this up) a “humanitarian organization” (presumably firing, not rockets, but rapid delivery pyrotechnic fun kits for kidz!) are not treating with reality. Similarly, people who seriously pretend that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians has been something other than barbaric for the past generation and a half are likewise not treating with reality.  Not without reason does “self-hating Jew” Jon Stewart accurately describe our state and media support for anything and everything Israel does to the inhabitants of the world’s largest open air prison as a “Moebius strip”:

Jon Stewart on the Gaza-Israeli conflict by STEWAAART

The bottom line is that both Palestinian and Israeli leaders–and the zealous American supporters of Israel and zealous European supporters of Hamas–all favor murdering children for the greater good.

Meanwhile, particularl in the case of this God-damned (and I mean that with technical precision) war, I think more and more of Pope Benedict’s words: “We must begin asking ourselves whether as things stand, with new weapons that cause destruction that goes well beyond the groups involved in the fight, it is still licit to allow that a ‘just war’ might exist.”

I don’t have answers about what Israel is supposed to do about Hamas. But I do think I have an answer for me about what I should do with the leadership of both warring peoples. I have no business backing either side with my money, since both are, at the end of the day, powers that use my money to murder children. I can’t fix it. But I don’t see why I need to be party to either of the powers in this power struggle. I’d rather put my support toward the small and quiet people who are working below the radar healing and building and not toward the butchers on either side who are killing and destroying.

Update:  Here’s another small light as a Lebanese newscaster takes a stand against the butchers.

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  • Joe

    Though I recognize the asymmetrical nature of the conflict, the only thing I can see as practical is Israel defeating Hamas decisively (while trying their best to protect civilians) and allowing the PA to take over administration of Gaza, while providing funds for the cleanup. Hopefully, this could be a prelude to establishing a Palestinian state. Hamas is a terrorist organization and cannot be reasoned with. Had Israel done this sooner, back in 2006, the civilians of Gaza would have been spared the cruelty of every aerial bombardment and attack since then. Or I might be naive in thinking this.

    • chezami

      Until American start to seriously ask themselves why Palestinian civilians trust this cabal of violent kleptocrats more than they trust the brutal Israelis who have treated them like crap since 1948, merely defeating Hamas will achieve little. What American have, until recently, found impossible to believe is that Palestinian complaints have an actual basis in reality.

      • incredulous

        Really? I have asked myself that question, and the answer is one that you shout from the rooftops in other contexts. Tribalism.

        Palestinian civilians love death more than life. So they would rather suffer under allegedly muslim bastards than prosper under any other infidel regime.

        They cry at the deaths of their children and dance at the death of others’ children.

        Here’s a thought… you treat many neo-con commenters “like crap” and have since … 2005? Why? I know you have very little self-control when it comes to your temper, but really… why ?

        • Jamesthelast

          That’s pretty stupid to say they love death more then life. Most living creatures tend to like life.

          Also, stop generalizing, Palestinians aren’t any worse at sinning then anyone else. Jesus didn’t say “before you tell the other guy about the splinter in his eye, take the beam out of your eye first” for nothing. It’s also highly raciest as you are claiming some people are just inferior morally.

  • Dave G.

    Our media support for anything Israel? What media? The News Media? That would be not. FOX perhaps, but most other media outlets are everywhere from blaming both sides, to coming down harder on Israel. So not sure what his standard is for media and state support.

  • “I don’t have answers about what Israel is supposed to do about Hamas.”

    People living next door to Hamas don’t have that luxury.

  • Jamesthelast

    It’s simple, until Israel starts treating the Palestinians like the human beings they are instead of dogs, this bloodlust will keep going on. If I was Palestinian, I really wouldn’t like the country that views me as subhuman either.

    • Sam Schmitt

      It’s simple, until the Palestinian leadership starts treating the Israelis like the human beings they are instead of dogs, this bloodlust will keep going on. If I was Israeli, I really wouldn’t like the territory that views me as subhuman either.

      • Jamesthelast

        Yeah peace goes both ways, but the Palestinians aren’t the ones in power. Israel are the ones who kill hundreds of civilians and run Gaza basically as a huge open air prison/concentration camp.
        Israel has the best tech in the world for killing people and is supplied by the US. Hamas has random junk they put together from scrap.