Question for Readers

Question for Readers July 25, 2014

We just did a big huge mystical magical technomage upgrade to the site that I don’t understand at all.  They are still working bugs and gremlins out, I’m told.  But I wanna ask ya:  Is it loading better and making you happier?  Problems to report?  Please feel free to tell Mr. Combox about your experience.  Please be nice.  I have zero control over tech issues, but I will point our webelves to your comments.

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  • You’ve got a stylized ‘G’ for your web icon (that little picture that shows up in the browser tab) – is that by design or accident?

    Disqus does seem to load much faster. Otherwise, business as usual (and business is good!).

  • petey

    Yes, it’s much better. Site loads more quickly, pages turn over more quickly, I get to share my extremely important opinions in comboxes more quickly.

    • Petey

      however, the banner at the top no longer appears, at least on my Android. same with all the other blogs.

      • Petey

        OK the banner is back now.

  • Barbara Bowman

    The page did seem to load faster. However, I do have one request: I subscribe to several Patheos pages, and when I access them from feedly or just through the browser, I get the big pop-up ad asking me to subscribe. Can there be a button in the pop-up to say something like “please don’t show this again?” It is kind of irritating when I already subscribe.

    • asecularfranciscan

      I agree. Loads much faster! But please, Patheos, stop with the subscription popups already. Or at least let us set a persistent cookie so we only have to say “no” every 6 months or so.

    • Marthe Lépine

      I agree that those pop-ups are annoying, and now they seem to appear several more times, with no button or “x” to get rid of them. Plus, when I do my usual thing, e.g. remove the check marks and put no address, a second pop-up appears saying they are sorry not to have been able to meet my request. This one never disappears, unless I block all of it and hit “delete”, and then it throws me out of what I am trying to read, sometimes even out of the site. I do not want to subscribe because my e-mail is for my own use only, and I can perfectly well check the blog when I want to read it.

  • Knittypig

    The upper part isn’t loading up and showing, where you usually have a piece of religious art. It’s missing. Also the text seems smaller and more compressed. Good try, though.

  • Meggan

    So far it seems to be loading a little faster.

  • Sally Wilkins

    I got an unresponsive script error, and it’s loading much more slowly. FWIW I’m running Firefox 30.0 under Windows 7

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Loading at hte same speed as near as I can tell. But some of the hyperlinks are formatted very weird at the top of the page. the rest of hte site is same as ever as near as I can tell.

  • Staša Travers

    I don’t know if this change supposed to affect android users, but it’s running smoother. Although i can’t see some picture links but the links work fine.

  • David Gerard Smith

    Can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference you tradition hating, Francis loving heretic. 😉

  • Marthe Lépine

    I only just found this and other more recent posts by going to “previous posts”! I was wondering why there was no new post since last Friday, but it seems that they simply no longer appear on the regular page. I found them today because I wanted to check what you had said previously about the site being reworked, in order to understand why there had not been anything new since the post about “Who is our brother”.

  • Marthe Lépine

    This is the day after my first comment, and I still had to go to “Previous Posts” to find new entries. If that does not get corrected soon, Mark could lose a few readers who might be led to think that he is no longer posting on his blog. Please correct this as soon as possible. Plus: this very annoying pop-up about subscribing to newsletters seems to appear even more often, and it makes it difficult to write comments, since unless I keep to the top of the screen, it blocks my typing. And I cannot even try to get rid of it while writing this comment, because I risk losing my draft into cyberpatheospace.

  • PB

    I thought you had quit posting two weeks ago; I guess this is why. Chrome suddenly can’t find your page (or the Anchoress) with the bookmarks that worked before July 25. Either that or my browser needs an exorcism.